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Baig, a doctor migrated from Allopathy to Alternative with a mission & vision to do researches in different therapies like Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Unani, & yoga to help our society treating many incurable diseases like TB, Cancer & AIDS under Mafkhar Clinics & Aarish Academy in Mumbai. With his 40yrs of medical experiences he wrote dozens of Trendsetter books on various health problems not only for patients but for doctors also. He presented more than 100 scientific papers in various national & international conferences & the congress of alternative medicines like Homeopathy, Unani & Ayurveda. Traveled almost all around the world in search of learning and discovering the art of healing.

He was Born in Jabalpur in the year 1947 on a Christmas Eve. Mother was an Afghan lady, father was a Mughal. He has one sister 2 years elder to him. Father wanted her to become doctor while to him an engineer. father was a sportsman and later became sport teacher. His primary schooling was from Phoota Tal Municipal School, Jabalpur. Middle & High school from Anjuman Islam, Jabalpur. Inter-science from Robertson College of Jabalpur. Medical MBBS also from Jabalur Medical College (Then), Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh), He was from the batch 1964.

After doing his internship and surgical house posts was appointed as CMO (Casualty Medical Officer) in Jawahar Lal Nehru Medical College Hospital Raipur (of M.P. then), somewhere in the year 1970 but didn࣯ntinue longer. He came to Bombay (Mumbai now) worked as House Surgeon in Paediatric surgery then became Registrar, worked under Dr. Subhash J. Dalal, the famous Paediatric surgeon of that time. As per his statements he learned the morale of a surgeon and various surgical tips from Dr. Dalal. Earlier to this, in his surgical posts in Jabalpur, he also learned various arts of surgery from Dr. S.C. Pandey. According to hm Dr, Pandey was a very nice person and happened to be a friend of his father Mirza Islam Baig.

His father Mirza Islam Baig

Unfortunately in Mumbai, Dr. Baig discontinued his surgical studies since he married to a lady, named Shahida Mirza who was also a Mughal, and was also in his relations. It was difficult for him to manage marriage life along with surgical posts in which was hard work. He had to shunt from one hospital to another and for the preparations for exam was a difficult task.

Henceforth there was no other option, either to continue marriage life or to do the hospital෯rk. It was because he or his father were not so strong economically so much so that he could have continued his post-graduation in Paediatric surgery. Hence it was also therefore he had no other option to join the governmentયb once again. Therefore he went back to MP again, this time he got a job of a police surgeon on the basis of his experiences and which was somewhere in the year 1971-72. After that he became the in-charge of the city hospital, Datia, a small district place of Madhya Pradesh. This district was situated near Chambal, a well known area for dacoits. Incidentally it happened to be a heaven for him, there he conducted lot of surgical works and became very famous in that locality since his interest was not to earn, but to serve. In his educational life, He was a scholar throughout and was receiving scholarships from the M.P. Govt. right from his middle school to higher and higher, in college to medical college. But in the last year of his final MBBS, he had failed in medicine and which was because of his over zealousness in extracurricular involvement in the college functions. He got the supplement which he cleared after 3 months.

However, during the his CMO-ship he got registered for Orthopedic surgery but left that because he got a better job in Bombay. After doing services in various faculties of surgery in paediatric and orthopediacs, somewhere in 1973, he went U.K. for more higher studies along with a case for open heart surgery, unfortunately came back at the last moments since the planning of the relatives of that patient changed. However, finally settled in Mumbai somewhere in 1974, initially after doing some odd works as locums in some various hospitals he started his own practice and also joined as lecturer in one teaching hospital. There he got the opportunity to discover the actual philosophy of medicine by reading basic books of medicine written by great scholars, like Avicena, Gallen, Zehravi, etc. etc. Developed interest in Indian System & in Unani Medicines as well. In the year 1985, his thesis on the philosophy of medicine approved by the Open University, Alma Atta, (which was in USSR that time), and which awarded him PhD in his research on philosophy of medicine. During that period, after 1985 onwards, he discovered some surgical techniques, done a pioneer work on sexology, for treating male impotency but unfortunately didnಥgister them, only practiced and taught others. He had written various books on that subject. This was the period when panic for the epidemic of AIDS, which made him more interested in this field in knowing about this condition. And in this context his knowledge of Unani medicine had helped him in understanding the humoral and cellular responses of the body. And therefore, he chose this as the subject for his further study and research. During the meantime he also discovered the principles and philosophy of homeopathy as well along with the indigenous Vedic Systems of India, the naturopathy, etc. And after getting convinced by seeing the clinical results he slowly and slowly switched over from conventional system of allopathic practice to holistic system which is based on the cardinal laws of the Nature.

Now in a period of more than 20 years he has presented more or less few dozens of scientific papers in homeopathic conferences and congress, national and international. Travelled almost the whole world in search of the healing art and also started teaching as a freelance professor. So far he has written dozens of books, which are in regional languages and also in English. He Has also written columns in various newspapers of Urdu - Hindi & English for lay public to bring the awareness among common people about the science of natural way of healing. Some of his books on these subjects have also become internationally famous.

His wish is to establish an university of these sciences so the people should know the actual art of medicine as the art of healing and with this zeal he has started Aarish Academy, somewhere in the year 1995 as one step. Here lectures are designed as per lay public as well as also for a qualified healer and doctors too.

The govt. of Maharashtra has recognized this institute as a college of naturopathy, affiliated to Naturopathy Board of Maharashtra. His ultimate wish is to bring down the rising graph of mysterious diseases, particularly which are common in children by discovering more and more hidden treasure of healing art which is lying within our Indian system of medicine and which had been envisaged by our old masters like Rishees & Munees. Homeopathy is one such, In old vedic books of India which has been defined as ᭡an Samanena Santhi�ns likes to be treated by likes.

Apart from these he has discovered and taught the skill of some pioneer work in the field of sexology surgery and in treating HIV related cancers without using knife. He has proved some viruses as remedies. Established a new way, a concept in form of a therapy of treating viral cancers where our convention has no known knowledge or a way to treat such. He has also proved various viruses as medicines and as vaccines also as alternative remedies in a naturopathic way:

For example, Homeopathic Panch Karma, to make body cleansing of toxins from within. Making positive - negative as negative and negative-negative as positive. As two minus forces make one positive or as one plus and one minus make minus. He had named this therapy as Viral Therapy and have registered it as patent in Food & Drug Corporation of India under Indian system.

Today viral infections have been affecting the life of human, once upon a time which were considered as the punishment of the GOD. God whom we know as generator, operator and destroyer. This is because most of the viral affections come in epidemic form. However, but how a virus can cause a disease is cheap sexy dress still unclear, even today. Though today with the birth of technique like cell culture and polypeptide analysis may throw some light on this subject which he is trying to project by making two minus forces i.e. peptides into one positive as a positive peptide with negative also making total as negative.

His mission of discovering Alternative Therapy & Research is based on the simple observation that many of the problems of mankind, in spite of so much discoveries and researches, have still remained incurable. Today therefore we need a team of physicians, healers, and therapists who must know the basic principles and concepts of the immune system of an individual. He or she should also know his/her basic differences what humoral response is or what is the cellular response of the defence. As a doctor one must know the philosophy of this rather just knowing it by way of some mechanical means;

MBBS, MD, PhD, FINCR, MF Hom, FAIMPA (US & UK Trained)

Professor, Consultant and Author :

  • EX. Member of European Community of Homeopathy
  • Member Liga Medicorum Homeopathica Internationalis
  • Hon. Professor Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia
  • Director, Aarish Academy of Alternative Therapy and Research, Thane
  • Chief Consultant, Mafkhar Clinics, Mumbai

Panel of Doctors assisting Dr. Baig

  • Dr. Shahida - N.D., D.Sc.
  • Dr. Rozina Zaheer ⮈.M.S., N.D., M.O.H.(UAE)
  • Dr. Aarish à®™.N., N.D.Sc.
  • Dr. Mafkhar �.(Hom.)
  • Dr. Neha Sayed ⮈.M.S., N.D.
  • Dr. Meh Jabin à®™.N., N.D.Sc.

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