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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Nosodes

by vishal 13. August 2020 12:40


About my nosodes, frequently asked questions to which I also replied with references but still they are being asked such as about Nosode 1 (Maul Halib) & Nosode 2 (Maul Dam). Nosode-1 is prepared from milk, in Arabic 'Halib' means Milk while Nosode-2 from blood, in Arabic 'Dam' is synonym to Blood. Now the questions which are being often asked are:-

Q.1: If it is registered under Unani Medicine then how we can call it nosode or homeopathic?

Interesting part is this that Nosode is a Latin word from the ancient Roman language. And Romans were the propagator of Greeks. Greece in Arabic is Unaan and Greek in Arabic is Unani. Arab physicians discovered Greek Medicines i.e. Unaani System from the books which were in ancient Roman language.

Dr. Hahnemann prepared nosode from the scales of scabies and potentized it which is 'Psorinum'. Dr. Bach prepared Bowel nosodes which are not in potentized form, are in dilutions. They are not homeopathic they are Isopathic. In the same way Dr. Koch prepared Tuberculin from the blood of a TB patient which is also in dilution form, in allopathy which is using as diagnostic purpose. Dr. Kent has prepared his Tuberculinum from the TB gland of a cow who was having TB of breast, mastitis. However, in short, if one using nosode in dilution form it will be like allopathy or isopathy and if in potentized form it will become homeopathy. In fact a potentized form which make that thing or substance into dynamic form which will become similar to that and in certain potency equal and opposite like sun rays hot, moon rays cold, where substance is same the rays from sun originating, from moon reflecting.

My nosodes I and II as I said have been prepared from milk and blood of from two young ladies whom I treated one was of Breast Cancer another was of AIDS, interestingly and which were prepared one for her son who was dyslexic and other for her husband who was about to die due to AIDS. The details are in the book Homo-Immunization. One Unani medicine Maul-Leham is from the essence of the flesh of migrating Wild Birds. Ancient Hakims used this for allergy and asthmatic conditions plus for building strength. Modern medicine recognizing these Birds as which bring the Oncogenic virus through them in terms of positive and negative energy.

Breast cancers are being caused either by some carcinogenic factors or by oncogenic viruses. These oncogenic viruses come as along with these wild birds as per seasons, either before winter or after from both the ends of the globe, North and South. And as per the poles of the earth they carry positive or negative energy. They are RNA viruses having positive and negative electrodes and as per their positive and negative energies may cause positive or negative pathologies like tumours or cancer and gangrene. This way the selection of the nosode can be decided through the mind of a person. As if a glass if is half filled some think it half empty and on the contrary some other will say it as half filled. I have also made different nosodes too like BCG-num from BCG vaccine and OPV num from Oral Polio drops, etc.

Q.2: Why not these medicine registered under Homeopathy?

Yes why not but! Earlier most of the doctors particularly from allopathy were using some nosodes as per drug to a disease, like Thuja for warts and Carcinosin for cancer. Both are nosodes and both have their drug pictures as well in their portrait form. Homeopathy doesn't propagate, like allopathy, drug to a disease though it helps some time. Some doctors prepared nosodes from different corticosteroid, Corticosteroids Nosode for antidoting the side effects of the steroids. So therefore some other doctors viral this news that homeopaths are using corticosteroids. It is therefore what to say and what not. Earlier doctors and hakims and also veds were preparing their own medicines which as per experience are for all, allopathy, ayurveda, unani, homeopathy, etc. But now the Govt. rule is to register them and seal them, that too as per drug to a disease pattern. Company has to provide the approval reports from the provers on the trial basis like randomize trial blind trial double blind trial, etc. to get patency. This is an American way of pharmacopea which has given up the tradition of generic name as per American Pharmacopea. Earlier in British Pharmacopea the experience of a Doctor, bed side, was considering and which use to publish in journals while today important are the trials and reports. The protocol for Homeopathy is also same, for Unani and Ayurveda, Siddha as well. My Maul Halib and Maul Dam are in Arque or Essence form, you can say in form of mother tincture but they do not contain alcohol or tincture and therefore I applied to Unani system and got the patency by giving the explaination and references from the various authentic books of Unani.

Q-03 : Is it legal to prescribe these Unani medicines by a Homeopath?

Yes, why not when the company is not mentioning that only prescribed by a qualified Unani physician.

Q.4: Difference between Nosode-1 and Maul Halib, between Nosode-2 and Maul Dam?

Answer: Nosode-1 and Maul Halib are same, in the same way Nosode-2 and Maul Dam are same. Difference is that Nosode-1 and Nosode-2 are in my diary as generic name while Maul Halib and Maul Dam are Patent names and which are being registered on my name under the Unani System of Medicine which is the old or the actual Allopathy. The pioneer and propagator of this science are the great Gurus Galen (Jalinuse) and Avicena (Abisina). Nosode-1is Carcinosin and Nosode-2 is Virionum, in Maul Halib and Maul Dam these are in their essential (Arque) form not in the potentized form. In the same way I have prepared various other nosodes which are in my diary as per in order of numbers, such as; Nosode three is BCG-num prepared from BCG vaccine, Nosode four is Leprosinum prepared from the blood of leprosy patient. List is long, details are in my book 'Surgery without knife'.

The answer for that is it legal to prescribe? These are the pharmaceutical companies which mention that only registered medical practitioners can prescribe which means only a registered medical practitioner who is being registered under allopathic system can only prescribe those medicines i.e. of allopathy. So, but homeopathic, ayurvedic or unani pharmacies they never claim or write that only the homeopaths or ayurveds should be entitled to prescribe so this is the problem to allopaths, most of blame to cross practice that because of this the problem of allopathic drugs are. And to some extent which is right also since allopathic drugs are toxic not homeopathy or unani or ayurveda.

However, if a doctor or physician with whatever pathy belonging to may understand the pharmacopic way of understanding about any medicine and will understand with his or her own study in the first place.

Q.5: Difference between Maul Halib and Carcinosin, between Maul Dam and Virionum?

Answer: Maul Halib is a patent name of a remedy which has the essence of the molecule of Cancer along with those pathogens which are oncogenic in origin and causing cancer particularly of the Breast. Dr. Donald Foubister who was an allopath paediatrician from England had proved this by giving the drug picture of what Dr. James Compton Burnett was trying to explain to the medical fraternity about Cancer. He was the first who developed the first nosode from the Cancer Cells. Dr. Foubister had proved this in two boys who were having very much resemblance as if were twins though they were from the two different mothers who had Breast Cancer and have fed them.

Unani physicians have described about Cancer to which they call it 'Sartan' by giving the example of one wild migrating bird how it helps in treating its off springs if get a disease of malignant or cancer like. In short if birds have that sense for treating why not we? Medicine is a difficult subject to understand it, one must know the basic not only relying on research or researches like trials.

Maul Dam, which has been prepared from the blood of one such lady as Maul Halib is having the essence of cancer virus, both were cured and healthy. The provings of Maul Dam which are in my book 'Homo-Immunization' in details. Incidental provings, conventional proving and the clinical provings. How this can treat the cancer and how can be proving in building the immunity in fighting cancer has been explained about this with examples and cases in that book. One can learn or develop immunity after getting exposed to that only and which is a law. About which most of our allopaths may not be having that sense to understand it.

Virionum is the potentized form of that Maul Dam from that patient who had defeated AIDS. The details of this is also listed in my book 'Homo-Immunization and AIDS Vs Cancer, a poison for poison to boost immunity'. The proving of this has been also published in some reputed journals of homeopathy like, Link, NJH, etc.

In potentized form Virionum i.e. the Nosode of HIV or AIDS helps to minimize the anxiety of those who are panic and testing themselves whether are affected to HIV. Nosode-2, the molecule helps those who already had AIDS or Cancer. This is the difference between Virionum and Maul Dam or Nosode-2. Maul Dam helps in building the resistance to fight Cancer while Virionum in potentized form of that helps in relieving the phobia of getting AIDS or if is already affecting to that. Such types of people keep on testing themselves and also keep on changing doctors from one to another. Their anxiety is always very marked Virionum is for those young who have fright and phobia of whether are having AIDS and Carcinosinum have the fear and phobia of Cancer very high grade but they don't have anxiety.

 Q.6: Are there similar medicines to Maul Halib and Maul Dam in Homeopathy?

Ans: As I said Halib means Milk and Dam is Blood. Breast Cancer is a disease of elderly ladies and which was earlier common. Now a day it is more common in young girls. Milking mothers many times got hurt and or get infection and inflammation while feeding. This nosode-1, which is potentized as Maul Halib is that which was collected from that mother who was very stressful while feeding her child and this child who was third was very hyperactive and was having the symptoms of exactly of those about which Dr. Foubister had described in his provings of Carcinosin. So you can say my this nosode one is very much close to Foubister nosode. Nosodes of Carcinosin which are available in the market are perhaps from Cancer Cells which are of Burnett type. Same logic is here as the difference between Robert Koch's Tuberculinum, James Tyler Kent's Tuberculinum and of Burnett's TB Bacillinum.  Differences are listed in the books of Homeopathy.

Now, what of about Virionum or Nosode 2, Maul Dam. This nosode has prepared from the blood of one such who was first treated, was having full blown AIDS. In Europe and in Bangladesh some homeopaths have prepared AIDS-200 (from AIDS Virus) from the blood of AIDS patients. While mine this from that who was healthy, who had been cured her AIDS from her own immunity through the help of homeopathy. I found Maul Dam is helping in boosting the immunity in elderly age group of patients while Maul Halib in building the immunity in children to fight against cancer and AIDS like viruses.

Q.7: What are the Guiding Symptoms to use Maul Halib and Maul Dam?

Ans: Maul Halib for those who get recurrent cough and cold like affections are hyperactive and intelligent children while Maul Dam helps in building the immunity to fight against cancer in elderly or old people who have cancer of any kind such patients are very fearful and anxious type.

Q.8: Are there any chance to prescribe Maul Halib and Maul Dam both, one after the other?

Ans: Both are complimentary to each other and are antidoting to each other. They can use alternatively also. Such as sometimes a fearless and anxious free patient who was having cancer or suspected. He or she had felt better after Maul Halib but then now had become very anxious and with fearful anxiety. Here thus, she or he will be now needing Maul Dam.

Q.9: How to decide it's dosing and Repetitions?

Ans: Here their actions are like giving training to the immune system of a child or adult. And which i.e. the training period needs about 3 months like an NCC training. Doses are few drops from 5 to 6 to 14 to 16 as per age daily from a week then a week gap, then again start. If child gets fever then stops, fever will go automatically. While in elderly age group particularly who are having cancer if are getting fever indicating positive outcome as fever shows the good prognostic results in a cancer patient.

Above all they do not have any side effects, both are very safe. Their indications are as complimentary and as preventive. They are in attenuated form not in cheap replica watches pathogenic so are 100 percent safe like safe and healthy food. One helps in building resistance in a child and young, other in elderly and old also in cancer and AIDS patients.  

Q-10 : Are there any side effects of these medicines?

These medicines don't have any side effects. Some time fever may come and which will go by itself. In fact, this indicates that medicine is helping immunity to overcome by bringing fever. After building immunity fever goes away by itself.

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by Admin 12. December 2018 15:23

Homeopathic prescriptions in acute conditions are like a sword with 2 blades, if rightly prescribed it will give the results then and there. Sometimes so fast as one is switching the lights on by pressing the button i.e. at times homeopathic remedies work within a fraction of seconds. But, if the selection of remedy is not right or partial it may not act at all or may give some palliation not cure or would pass it into sub-acute stage. Sub-acute stages of a disease are always more dangerous and complicated than the acute stage. It is because, in a sub-acute stage the vital force of a sick person will get confused then the disease keep on taking more different turns and may be causing more and more complications and where the doctors will label by naming different names to the disease.

Acute condition is like emergency and therefore would need a proper management of the case. But unfortunately here even the doctors sometimes get confused while laymen are laymen. In panic they would do anything whatever being suggested by others to save the patient and overcome from that situation. For example a burn case, most of the people believe that put that burnt part under the water immediately but that is wrong. Due to this more complications may be arising one after the other. To understand this see this case:

She was a young lady, carrying the hot water to the bathroom but incidentally slipped and that very hot boiled water got poured on her right leg. While she screamed with pains for the help from the family. After listening this, someone in the family splashed the cold water on that leg to make her relief from the pains. But when the pains did not got relieved someone from the family applied ice, which also did not help. By doing so, blisters due to burnt skins came up and some of them got peeled from the surface leaving the patches of ulcer. Now, the family doctor was called in emergency who gave some antiseptic injections, pain killers and antibiotics etc along with a topical ointment which was Silver-X.

In spite of all these measures, which were timely applied but did not helped in any extent and they left the skin in more naked by peeling of the remaining parts of the burnt skin along with the infection which was settled in the subcutaneous tissues giving rise to the picture of cellulitis.

Cellulitis is a condition where connective tissues get affected and which led into subcutaneous oedema of that leg leading the patient in a very – very horrible stage. At this stage, someone suggested to apply the Unani medicine and which was Lukman-e-Hayaat oil which further developed into more dangerous stage of that burn. The burnt part started showing black decayed tissues looking as if the wound is taking the form of gangrene.

And this is the stage, after 2, 3 days, her sister came to seek the help from homeopathy by bringing the photographs of the patient which were in sequence. Now what to do? In acute condition such kind of scald or burns would need Cantheris but here? Here the wound was already taking the different shape. Some of the homeopaths believe that once the blisters get ruptured Cantheris doesn't work. Here, this case was already entered into sub-acute stage of the burns. She was getting horrible pains, very severe type, was very restless and wild because of the pains which was also because of the Cellulitis and irritation of those sensitive nerves. Now, whether the remedy was Arsenic? But the pains were not relieving by applying hot or warm bathing of the wounds. On the contrary the ice cold water was helping in relieving her pains. By considering all these points and seeing the nature of the wound I suggested Hypericum and Calendula in mother tincture for cleansing the wound and dressing with Calendula gel along with Ledum orally in potentised form which stabilized the case to some extent. But the burning pains were still troubling her though was comfortable but was not got relieved. Now she started walking but with pains and burnings. Letting her leg down she was getting more discomfort and while lying she used to keep her leg up to get some relief. Whether now the pathology was deep vein thrombosis and which was because of the application of ice?

So dear friends, for a homeopath it is very difficult to manage such cases on one hand some of the family were asking to discard homeopathy and suggesting to hospitalize the patient but one of her sister was insisting for homeopathy and that was she who was sending her photographs one after another. Sometimes it looked as if the case is turning towards gangrene. And, for me every replica watches paypal time my prescription was first that too as per the totality of the symptoms. Surprisingly, I have not seen her personally. The prescriptions were only by seen her photographs. Finally, few doses of Cantheris in lower dilution I suggested for relieving the pains and burnings followed by Vipera in 200 potency single dose. And, that brought the patient towards healing nicely and beautifully. She did not needed any skin graft not hospitalization.

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Aristotle's Philosophy has been forgotten completely

by Admin 10. August 2018 14:07


Can today's medical science define how the healing is taking place within the body since a modern medicine can do only a palliative work! Every doctor and or so called healer from whatever doctrine he or she may be belonging, whether knows this the very simple philosophy of the nature and of medicine? The medicine is an art not a thriving industry of today. Today most of the allopaths believe that the cure is lying in their drugs, while homeopaths are talking about of the vital force and vaids and hakims believe on the sangam i.e. combinations of multiple jadi-booti (ayurvedic medicines) and haboobs, haboobs are unani medicines. 


However, but what is the criteria of cure? Allopaths follow the rules of normal values of American parameter; high and low, normal and abnormal, positive and negative. While Homeopathy speaks it in terms of rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of the health is as cure. In the same way most of the vaids and hakims (traditionally trained Indian Physicians of Greek i.e. Unani system of medicine) will be often instruct to their patients about so much so restrictions that some time patients die because of the restrictions rather than due to that disease. The interesting point is many patient's believe so that they have been cured by so and so pathy or by so and so medicine, God knows. 


Above all, in this era the real challenge to all standpoints to treat are the irritating diseases, whether are of asthma or autism, auto immune diseases, TB (resistant Type), AIDS and or Cancer and are also various other which are mysterious. To manage or to give palliation to such through our so called drugs or technology could be easy but to treat them would be difficult in the first place. So what should a sensitive doctor should think to treat the illness in real sense, not report wise or palliative measures wise. When the fact is that most of the diseases of today are of because of iatrogenesis, means physicians made or because of the treatment made for that disease. 


Yes indeed, today's more or less more than fifty percent diseases are not natural, these are either of the so called because of medicine made or doctor made diseases. So my dear friends don't blame any pathy since every pathy has its own laws and principles. This is we who made it as mess. God bless us and our so called healers and the system, medicine is not a thriving industry, with our modern technology we can manage any case to some extent but cannot cure as long as our this stupid modern system is there which has proof on animal studies believing that the cure is lying in torturing these animals in the name of research. God bless them too. 


So my dear friends, with whatsoever doctrine of medicines we are belonging to, as we know Hippocrates is as the father of medicine. But why we call him as the father of medicine which is an art, not the science alone. Hippocrates father's name was Askalibutes and who was a religious person though was wanted to treat all but was not willing to share the knowledge of medicine with to all. This was the Hippocrates who started teaching medicine to all and henceforth has considered the father of medicine. Today we as doctors taking the oath on his name to treat humans without considering any caste or creed. 


Aristotle the famous philosopher was the contemporary of Hippocrates and but perhaps was more wiser than him. And which was the reason the state government of his era the Greek's Empire honored him as the Philosopher not as physician and this was how Hippocrates who was honored as physician with little low credit to a philosopher and has become the father of medicine of the past and of today as well. Healing is not to relieve symptom, its a cure in the sense that it should not come again. 


According to Aristotle philosophy the human body is or we as human is being made by the three components, mind, body and soul. Aristotle says soul comes from the infinity from the divine place and when it comes it gets familiar with all the parts of the body including mind and body but if it feels that the body, the home, in which we as psyche the self is living in that body is not complete enough then it goes away to that place from where it comes. This is how a child born dead. Dr. Kent when talks of the vital force he links it to that the source from that infinity and which heals. So ?! Next time. I may explain to you all, what Aristotle has said and what the Farabi with reference to Aristotle has explained. Farabi, Abu-Nasar-Farabi was his name. He was a well known philosopher in Arab, somewhere in the 9th century. 


How homeopathy can treat the mysterious diseases of today through its medicines which are considered as placebo. What is vital force of homeopathy and how it acts, Insha-Allah next time. 

Why Multiple Bone Fractures?

by Admin 27. July 2018 11:59

Why cancer like pathological multiple fractures are being seen in diabetics particularly those who take oral hypoglycemic or anti-diabetic drugs. In bones a characteristic and well significant frequent points are seen in the bones of cancer patients and according to which grading and frequency of cancer are also being made through this special test 'The bone scanning'.


The technology of bone scanning was the need during 20th century while examining the body of mummies of Egyptian kings to consider the aging of them and in them none of these findings i.e. the cancer of bones were found and to which the scientific analysis has proved that at that time the cancer was not existing. However, why these commonly seen as significant points which are being seen in this era particularly who are diabetics and are on anti-diabetic therapy as diabetes itself is a cancer, a destructive disease with bundles of diseases. 


Is it because of this as I think the anti-diabetic drugs help like insulin by entering sugar inside the cells but if that sugar will not be metabolized or being used by the cells then these cells will die, and this way they may disturb the parenchyma of that organ whether kidneys, heart, the pancreas itself and or bones etc. God knows, but as a clinician with 50+ years of experience I feel to share with you all.


In this context, I would like to share a very interesting case. She was a gynecologist and was around 42years, a divorcee, was a diabetic and on oral hypoglycemic drugs since quite some years. She was getting fractures (crack like) some time one or sometime 2-3 at a time and almost on every day. Even sometime while examining her patient with vaginal-scope she used to get a fracture in her fingers. A vaginoscopy is like bread and butter for a gynecologist. According to her own statement she was having more than 365 healed fractures (crack like) in her body including fingers. She also used to get these fractures while driving her car if applying some little force. But, while describing all these conditions she was having a smile on her face as if those fractures were nothing for her. Medically she was diagnosed as some noma (tumor) in her pituitary gland and for which was suggested surgery. And, to which she was not mentally prepared and that was the reason she had come to homeopathy.


She was a happy go type of person, her marital life was also not happy and which was the reason of her divorce. While discussing all this I saw the mind of cancer in her mentals and the signs of Carcinosin personality on her bodily gestures. She was a committed lady for good causes, i.e. the love for humanity, was not very religious as well and was having a fear for the cancer. This fear was growing inside her brain but with no anxiety that the tumor of the pituitary gland is of cancer. A dose of Carcinosin in high potency cured her completely. Thereafter, she did not get any kind of fracture and kept on improving in every respect. Later on some clinical remedies were also prescribed to her.


Today, we consider some viruses which we know them as onco-genic viruses, which are causing cancers. And, we also know that cancers are many, not a single disease since apart from these viruses various kind of carcinogenic factors are do causing cancers. So, whether anti-hypoglycemic drugs i.e. some chemicals or the viruses whether of hepatitis or of nephritis or of AIDS or of breast and cervical cancers etc. are causing cancers? While the modern medical virology science is proving that a virus cannot enter inside the healthy cells. Now, a chemical can cause the destruction of a cell so is the tobacco, cigarette smoking, contraceptive devices and or some other carcinogenic factors. The modern virology science also says that a virus can only enter inside the cell when it is weak or is being injured. Now these viruses which are also known as mykes or molecules are fungus like these funguses when grow further which look like a cauliflower like appearances and to which we believe that, that is cancer in the first place. Certain viruses or mykes they do take the information to multiply from the host's DNA and these kind of molecules and viruses to which the modern virology defining them as the oncogenic viruses since they are so small virions like that they can enter inside the genomes because of their shape. 


An anti-hypoglycemic drug whatever may be if is causing damaging of the cell then such kind of viruses or molecules can attack them and then become a parasite of the cells and then get multiplied with the process as what I said above. So, defeat a cancer we as doctors should also know the philosophy of real medicine which has been defined almost around 3000 years ago by Aristotle. Later on Avicenna, with reference to him (Aristotle or in Arabic Arastu) defined in his book 'Al-Qanun' (The canon of Medicine). 


Now, green tea or any other sweet flavoring herb are anti-oxidants, means they prevent the epithelial cells which are the surface defenders. If they get injured or weak they get oxidized as a piece of iron do get weaken with the rust, or a dead piece of wood gets affects to some fungus or white ants. Anti-oxidants are the important medicines in Naturopathy or in the natural way of protecting the wounded cells because of their anti-oxidant properties. If one get flu due to any virus like swine flu or dengue flu or may be of bird flu the green tea can be the better remedy than the so called our modern medicines.

Why Calcium Deficiency in Adults?

by Admin 25. July 2018 14:32


Why calcium depletion inside the body that too particularly in the patient of diabetes who take modern anti-diabetic drugs? Calcium is an important substance which is needing to make the bones strong. It is therefore child needs the milk which is rich in calcium and which is helping in growing bones. Calcium is absorbed from the intestines but for this Vitamin D is required is because vitamin D helps in the process of absorption of the calcium from the intestine. It is also therefore, a growing child needs vitamin D. But, in an elderly lady if she is showing the deficiency of vitamin D does not mean that she is not getting from her food or a supplementary of calcium tablets to make her bones strong. The interesting point is that today even some young adults have also showing this kind of depletions of the calcium. What it all means? Are they not getting calcium from food? The answer is, there are so many nutrient foods including dairy products particularly the milks, which are rich in calcium. So if one starts drinking milk or started taking calcium tablets is going to form their bones stronger? The answer is 'No' again.


The depletion of calcium from the bones leading to a mysterious condition, if is seen in young individuals or in an elderly person. These pathological conditions are being now defined through the modern scanning technology of bones and to which modern doctors say this as Osteoporosis. Here the density of bones becomes less and less. The interesting part to this is that this kind of testing is getting popularity more and more particularly in the civilized population. But why such kind of osteoporosis that too in the civilized society is becoming more and more common throughout the world? 


In this context, one more significant striking feature is that it has been very commonly seen in those groups who are diabetic and are on the anti-diabetic drugs. And which was the reason also some very well known anti-diabetic drugs have been banned in America by the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration, USA). 


As per the standardization from the American pharmacopeia, the parameter of which is the normal value of sugar and other substances. As we know, how much sugar level, which will be considered as normal and when will be abnormal. Now, most of the diabetics which are being diagnosed during the medical tests and then declared as diabetic, since most of the diabetics do not show the characteristic symptomatology of diabetes which is excessive hunger and thirst plus frequency of urine that too with copious or much quantity of urine at a time. As per the natural explanation to this is that when sugar is not being digested by that particular individual, the nature helps in throwing through the urine and this is why that person needs more and more water to drink. This is typical diabetes. Now if such symptoms of diabetes are not there, this kind of diabetes considered as type-2 diabetes. And, this is a well known fact that this kind of diabetes has become very-very common and which is not because of that, that the patient goes to the doctors because of such kind of complaints. This is the routine medical check-up when they declare such kind of person as diabetic by seeing that increased sugar level (according to their parameters). The most funniest part to all this, is that when such patients who were not the patients but declared as patients because of their parameters and kept them on medication for life-long. And, these are those patients, most of whom now will be having osteoporosis because of low calcium. Their blood sugar will be under control but the bones will be at the risk to get a pathological fracture and this particularly condition is very – very common also in these days.


So my dear friends, what kind of this allopathy today is? Keeping one thing in order, disturbing the other? Is this the real allopathy of great Hippocrates, the father of the medicine of today, whose oath is being taken (by lip service only) which is still there in practice in all the medical colleges through-out the world? Above all, again the question is why osteoporosis is being caused and why the green tea has become a remedy to bring down of incidences of pancreatic cancers? And also why the American branded anti-oxidants are being prescribed to most of the people as preventive measures against cancer by our specialist doctors? One more question, why such kind of ailments found mostly in these people only who take these modern anti-hyperglycemic drugs for the hyper-glycemia needing to bring down the high sugar level in the blood whether of kidney, heart, liver and pancreatic ailments in addition to osteoporosis? For the answers and the rest, please wait for my next post.

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