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A. D. N. H.Regular / Online Click Here

A. D. N. H.

Regular & Online Course

Post graduate Diploma Course for doctors and practitioners.

Duration: Six months.

Medium: English.


Description:    A.D.N.H. (Advanced Diploma in Natural Healing)

Duration: 6 mnths i.e. 25 lectures along with Clinical Discussions practically along with the 

Eligibility:       Graduate of Medicine from any faculty


01) Philosophy of Health & Disease

02) What is Disease and what is dis-ease? 
Original Greek Concept A) Allopathy and or Homeopathy. British PharamcopiaPharmacopia and now American Pharmacopia (Modern Medicine or Modern Allopathy)

03) What is mind? How MIND creates Body, then EGO creates Mind?

04) Study of Materia Medica. How to apply in today’s clinical conditions.

05) Understanding and analysing the rubrics of mind from the body language.

06)   Case Taking and Case Perceiving practically on the patients

07) Pathology and Pathogesis

08) General Topics

09) Complimentary Medicines

10) AIDS/HIV & HEPATITIS related Cancers, how to treat them.

11) Multi-drug resistant TB and analysing the modern medical failures.
How homeopathically they can be saved or treated.

12) Immunology and Immuno-pathology.

13) Go beyond pathies to solve present irritating and incurable diseases.

14) How to treat acute disease through homeopathy.

15) How to apply complimentary medicines in day to day practice.

16) Understanding of Single Remedy then second prescription

17) Understanding of constitution of Homeopathy and Understanding of
Acute, Sub-acute 
and Chronic Stages of our conventional system i.e. Allopathy, Ayurveda or Unani

18) Miasms through the eye of Ayurveda, Unani and or also Allopathy.

19) Understanding of Molecular Epidemiology and about Modern Tests.

20) What is vital force, sets of energy, the understanding of Chandra Dhara and Surya Dhara of Ayurveda, Yen and Yang of Chinese system

21) Surgery without Knife through Panchkarma of Homeopathy.

22) How viruses can be used as friend in treating AIDS, Cancers, Multi Drug Resistant TB and Tumours.

23) Nexus between AIDS, TB and Cancers

24) Studying of Poison, the Nosodes of present era.

25) Introduction about Dr. Mirza Anwer Baig’s Nosodes and their clinical applications in our modern society.

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