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Book Name : HOMO-IMUNIZATOION .......'AIDS vs Cancer'
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It has proving of 2 remedies, on which has derived from the blood of an AID patent who has some lacs of Virions, the HIV virus of SG-12o molecule. And the other has derived from the milk of a mother who had cancer of her one nipple of scirrhous type. So to say this virus was of Scirrhinum but not derived from the cervix of the uterus. This book highlights, these 2 Nosodes in terms of Nosode-1 which had been derived from the milk in proving we found it very much resembling to the provings of Carcinosinum. We also found the proving of HIV virus (Virionum - Nosode-2) are very similar to each other. This is how this book is explaining as per the law of similia i.e. 'likes to be treated by likes'. We have also found the preventive aspects of these 2 Nosodes, which are now registered under The Food And Drugs department as Maul Haleeb & Maul Dum.

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