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This book is based on my research entitled 'The Homeopathic Punchkarma.. . treating pediatric cancers, tumours, multi drug resistant TB and starvation syndrom through potentised vaccines and virus'. This is a kind of viral therapy that how a virus which can cause a tumour can also resolve the tumour. This paper which was initially presented as per the heading as mentioned above for treating HIV AIDS and related cancers presented in a seminar sponsored by an US based pharmaceutical company at Kolkata (Calcutta) in the year 2004. It has a foreword of one of a leading and the senior surgeon of India, Dr. D. E. Mistry (M.S.) who concluded 'I have carefully gone through Dr. Baig's paper The Homeopathic Punchkarma, and found what he has tried to explain in the types of cases that he had treated which should be read by all of us irrespective of whatever pathy we may belong to'. This books talks about the characteristics of HIV related cancers which in fact are not of AIDS or of cancer type or TB like but are like them with a characteristic symptom as changeability which means sometimes look like cancer sometimes like AIDS and sometime TB like. It has new concept to perceive the nature of the cases. Here cases tumours and cancers like Hydrocaphelous, Myoclonic convulsions, Craniostenosis, Brain Cancer, Encephalomalacia, multiple non enhancing Brain lesions, Cases of Dyslexia, cases of Paralysis with wasting, Paralytic ileus. All these successfully without using any knife.

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