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This book is actually a postmortem of all those facts which are terrorising in the name of virus and viruses for the wasted interest. This book includes as an introduction as the mark of Gods displeasure. It along with summerising Bird flu molecule and the Swine flu molecules on the lines of rational thinking and as their pathogenesis. The natural history of viral infections, their background introduction of influenza and other flu, how these molecules are changing their structures. What are the conditions like SARS and ARDS. Discussion of the herbal remedies under the head, the importance of plant in prophetic homeopathy which is its second part. It concludes if we really want to control AIDS, TB or Cancer then we must stop our symptomatic medicines which almost everybody knows to treat for fever, allergy, eczema or worms etc. It also discuss the medical ignorance and atrocities which are now commonly occurring in respective pathies.

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