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......This book highlights the definition of a molecule, how a molecule whether of Chikungunya, or of Dengue, Influenza or of any other flu are being formed, how they carry the infection of a energy, what is a difference between a molecular epidemiology and a plague like epidemiology, how it travels from segment to segment, why are recurring in a interval of few years, why remain as an endemic. The difference between RNA & DNA viruses, why RNA viruses have become the tool cause for fo many variety of irritating and difficult diseases. Above all the techniques of the modern test which are failing in diagnosing the exact cause, since different reports comes from different laboratories. What is the defence mechanism of a body, what are mast cells and why platelets become less in numbers in such infections, and why the malignant conditions like yellow fever or like viral cancers like lymphomas and many others are having a nexus with suppressed malaria or with ill treated any other viral affections such as even a common cold. This books also speaks about the Prophetic Medicines, what is prophetic homeopathy and what is Hahnemannian Homeopathy. This book also includes certain cases where our conventional system have no known concept but with the prophetic homeopathy the same problem which was with grave prognosis had recovered. One more thing since this book is in Hindi and it is because this is the language of a lay person who lives in India and these are those people who became frightened from each and every gimmicks which arises from the west.

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