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This is also in Hindi and Urdu, is a book on AIDS, proving that 'AIDS is not a viral disease' based on the clinical experiences which were brought to the knowledge after the interview of 100 sex workers. How a simple disease can be converted into an incurable condition, how high grade emotional or psychological trauma or the physical one can become the sole cause of hampering immune system of a person. How such people are being exploited by the so called doctors and experts, politicians and police persons who are the actual culprits. This book finding the answer through the those girls which are there in this book. Apart from this What is the scientific fraud which was asked to carried out by the medical people as per the intructions of certain people who considered as the well wisher of the human being and mankind. This book exposes the mentality of such people on one hand and the ignorance of our people i.e. the sufferers on the other.

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