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Medicine Name : MAUL DUM
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These are 2 constitutional remedies and 2 different personalities, one is of a positive outlook while another with negative as some philosopher had already explained it, if a glass is filled with half, one thinks it is half empty while another thinks it is half full. These 2 remedies are in form of energy derived from 2 such substances from such sources and which are Cancers & AIDS. Maul Halib had been made from milk which has the positive energy while Maul Dum is from blood and which has negative i.e. destructive energy. the formation of cysts and tumour which also helps in resolving them by bringing out dead cells from within the body in form of eruptions and phlegmatic discharges. For more details read books 'Homo-Immunisation', 'Myths and Reality about AIDS' and also 'Surgery without Knife.' Recent researches have also shown that Immunity Marker Cells and Tumour Necrosis Factor (TNF Alfa and TNF Beta) play an important role in preventing tumour cell formation, and certain viruses help in resolving tumours and cysts by bringing out exanthema. In present circumstances the nature of diseases are mysterious and need a new concept to tackle them. Homeopathic Panch-karma is one such concept, what modern science of medicine is defining - Viral Complexes - Indian Vedic System has already defined them in terms of Vaat Prakopa, Kapha Prakopa and Pitta Prakopa. Prakopa is a poison, Greek physicians, Unani Hakeems termed these as toxic phlegma and Fasid Madde in Arabic.

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