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How an Allopath took a turn to learn Homeopathy

by Admin 5. March 2014 18:22

My dear friends,

Let me introduce myself to u again. Myself, basically an allopathic trained doctor, basically a surgeon, practiced allopathy for around 15 to 16yrs. that too successfully. That is to say when I was already a famous allopath took a turn to learn homeopathy.

 The reason, 32 yrs ago, my wife had a cancer of the neck which was diagnosed as Endometrioma. Which means this was a kind of secondary tumour not original. Endometrium is a part of uterus of a lady. So to say, secondaries are always metastatic cancers. Such type of cancers, are usually of infected nature and in the society theses types of cancers are becoming very much common, reson? Accessive in take of antibiotics, symptomatic drugs, harmon's injections and drugs.

Since my wifes tumour was mysterious in the sense, where every menstrual cycle used to grow one inch larger but with the end of that reduced to half. This is how it kept on growing step by step and in a year or so had achieved a size of a cricket ball. Now u imagine with what stress and traumatic experience as a surgeon I have gone through. My friends, that time, suggesting immediate excision, but I refused to go to that kind of treatment because of my own surgical experience and I know now, if I would have gone that way, I would have lost my beloved wife.

I took my wife to Dr. EGK Menon through my friend Dr. Kulay (now late). Dr. Menon started treating and my wife's tumour started reducing step by step with her menses and finally she got cured in almost one year. That was a shock to my allopathic knowledge and experience. I sent my wife to Homeopathic institute to learn this science and while explaining her about her lessons I was amazed how a homeopath comes to know about the condition or the pathogenesis of a disease which an allopth percieving after doing lot of tests.

I started homeopathic practice not only just seeing the result of my wife but tested myself to experience homeopthic remedies with my own judgement and understanding, such as I burnt my fingers then took Cantheris (an homeopathic remedy) to see whether the remedy can cure or would relief the pathos of my burnt fingers. Also I stapled my fingers to prove that an homeopathic remedy Ledum will relieve my sufferings. This because accidentally I was injured by stapler. That time I thought I should take antiseptic injection but after taking a dose of Ledum that pain which was ascending upwards through my nerves towards brain stopped immediately then and there. I thought this would be a psychological, therefore I repeated this experiment after 2 months again. This is how I learned homeopathy slowly and slowly.

Though my guru Dr. EGK Menon taught me homeopathy just in one sentence and which was "Mind creates body".

I want to discuss all my cases with u all so u should also learn the art hidden behind the word homeopathy. As for as whatever cases I posted was not out of intention to publicized but rather to educate the people for whom homeopathy is a comedy or just a magic or placebo. So to say here I would repeat again that Homeopathy is a science and not what most of the people think about this. My intention for discussion will also be based on the same zeal and not at all in any form of a publicity. I wanted to discuss all my cases because most of my friends wanted to know about the remedy used to cure such cases.

Though I have already discussed all such final points which made an homeopath to perceive the case in books 'SURGERY WITHOUT KNIFE', 'HOMO-IMMUNIZATION' and various others. So for as I am the author of around 40 books and presented scientific papers more or less in 100 national and international conferences. My experience in medical science is, if I include my study period will become 50yrs. Now I want to share my experience and knowledge with young healers whatsoever you are allopaths, homeopaths, ayurveds or Unani etc. My aim is to bring down the uprising graph of diseases.




Silver baby syndrome

by Admin 5. March 2014 18:18


Silver baby is a Griscelli's syndrome, a rare immune deficiency disease which has no known conventional cure. The research on this mysterious disease by me was published in one International Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine' from UK in the year 1999 as over story (India's Silver Baby, Vol 17, No. 9). This is a very mysterious disease links with genes, though very rare but has a wide canvas to explain more or less every disease known to mankind. As the pigments melanin are the basic tool of he nature to define different colours and creed in human. These pigments may also be defining the various diseases which come in the category of 3 main group of diseases such as, acute, sub-acute and chronic. 

The actual Greek medicines, the old allopathy or the Unani system is defining this, Damvi, Balghami and Saudavi. Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy had defined the same as Psora, Syphilis and Sycosis. Now, modern science in the lights of modern technology is defining in terms of diseases like Chediak Highashi Syndrome, as Thalsaemiac Syndrome and as AIDS as well. In the year october 1978, the American Journal of Medicine has reported the findings of a French physician Dr, Griscelli, who has treated some of such patients in France. According to him the disease is incurable. However, what I found is not incurable it is properly understood. As per it's pathological description, it has 3 main features which have mentioned above. Such conditions can also be caused by HIV which is considered which can temper genes and would give rise all various kind of diseases known to human.  I would like to discuss and share that if such conditions which are producing by HIV can also be causing by without HIV as it is in this syndrome which is known as the Silver Baby Syndrome, synonym for this Griscelli disease. As in the logic it is a common saying 'one white crow is sufficient to disprove the believe that crows are black.'

How and why these pigments (melanin) alone if causing the variety of diseases whether are linked to genetics or infections or even metabolic disorders etc etc then why HIV should be considered the sole cause of AIDS. In fact this silver baby syndrome is an example of AIDS minus HIV.





by Admin 5. March 2014 18:10




Super Bug is just a medical terminology to create panic amongst medical tourists who come to India since India has variety of Alternative therapies particularly Ayurveda and Nature cure both are economically suiting to a common man. Obviously with no side effects. 

Super bugs are as simple as are other simple germs which cannot cause any disease, rather are just opportunistic. These germs can only enter inside a body which has a tormented immune system causing due to over drugging of allopathic medicines. In India Homeopathy in a natural way (Homo-punchkarma) can treat any such condition. 

Here are examples, both had soft tissue tumours which were reoccurring again and again in spite of surgeries and antibiotic treatments. They were loosing weights, their defenders cells of mmune system were out of range like an Aids patient but they had no HIV or a TB germ. 

Homo-punchkarma converted them into granulomatous masses which finally eaten up by super bugs leading to healed them. Their culture reports showed lots of super bugs but no TB or HIV. In theses cases no antibiotic was used either.


Viruses are our friends not enemy.

by Admin 5. March 2014 17:50


Trojan Horse Therapy beats Cancer in Mice, Times Trends of The Times of India has reported the above news that an experimental 'Trojan Horse would eliminate cancer since it had eliminated this in en experimental mice (TOI Dec 22, 2012). In fact what the scientist of UK researcher Pro. Claire Le-wis claiming I have already done not in an experimental mice but on myself 15 years ago. I have tested the HIV on myself just to know its proving to prove my theory. My theory is which I have presented in various conferences such as in the Asiatic League Conference held at Kathmandu in the year 1998, FISCUM Congress in Manila, Phillippines in the year 1999 soon after that I presented this in Sri Lanka in the Millennium Year and which was also in form of my book 'Homo-Immunization'. In that Congress on the Worlds AIDS DAY about 100 copies of this were distributed free of cost to the delegates.

My theory is that a virus can destroy tumour cells on the line of similia that 'Likes to be treated by likes'. Such as AIDS and Breast Cancer virus are also similar thus they can analog each other. It is therefore what UK scientists have proved they have actually proved my theory. First I presented this in USA at Seatle in the LIGA Congress in the year 1997. I was invited there as a speaker by the society of American homeopaths. My paper was on treating tumours of the liver.

Pro. Claire Le-wis is in fact is proving my theory in his experiment. Le-wis has injected certain virus , which he claims cancer destroying, in to a mice who was experimentally developed prostate cancer. My book has this theory not Torjan but Homo, I chose similar virus to fight rather give training to fighter cells (W.B.C.) that how to fight like a trojan rather than as Pro. Leo-wis did, he sent viruses through the WBC i.e. the defender cells. In the sense in his experiment viruses are fighting against the cancer cells while in my homo-immunization therapy is training the fighter cells to fight. If they can learn to fight with a breast cancer virus they can defeat the actual causative factor of AIDS.

In this context I have isolated a molecule of AIDS (Sg120) from a patient of AIDS who was a young lady and was a mother but whose child was aborted because she was positive to the so called HIV. To my surprise she remain positive to that but she never entered into the category of actual AIDS. Her husband was also tested and was found to positive to that as well. Surprisingly some times he used to become negative to HIV but over all his condition was deteriorating and made him into a full blown patient of AIDS. What happened when they were found positive to HIV they tried to level best from pillar to post to become HIV free but on the contrary they became finally the patient of AIDS. The story is long. The details are in my book 'Homo-Immunization' . 

My conclusion is I found more healthy status of my AIDS patients whose blood was having more no. of viruses which are being claimed as the cause of AIDS i.e. HIV. However I would like to say that please refer one more of my book 'Myths and Reality about AIDS' which has discussed the 6 different parameters to define the cure of AIDS which has been in fact defined by the Centre for the Disease Control of USA. In America with the discussion to share my views with Dr, Leanna Standish and Pro. Cherie Reeves of 
Bastyr University, Bothel, Washington (USA) my cases were proving the 5 parameters out of 6. The 6th was that cured will be only considered when the no. of so called virus (HIV) should also come down but in my cases it was increased. That was the reason they were in dilemma to accept my version or not. 

Now Pro. Claire's experiment on the mice, I can raise my collar up that viruses are our friends not enemy. This is what I am firm that 'AIDS is not a viral disease.' May be today my this version will be considered as a joke but I hope one day the world's medical fraternity is going to accept this. Killing a virus leading to more serious condition than that disease for which was treated.




Which Class gets cured faster ?

by Admin 5. March 2014 05:10


This is easy to treat a lay person and this is what has been told (in one of the Hadees) where the Prophet of Islam, Mohammed (May peace be upon him) has said what I found in my 50 yrs of clinical practice. This is easy to treat a person who lives in the village and having in his diet simple things not the luxury of foods, which is the fashion of Urban areas like the city of Mumbai or London.

Prophet has said that a simple person with his simple habits can be treated more easily than a person who may be having a complex life with his complex food habits and the vices. It is therefore what we find that a person with extra intelligential knowledge do not become all right with a simple treatment. Why?? What I think it is because of his negative attitude towards double negative thinking, that what he thinks is the right. This is what the situation which may be arising so many questions where a sensible doctor would also feel embarrassing. The medical treatment is not lying in the drugs alone it is in the patients themselves. But unfortunately the basic pathology of such therapeutics or treatment which is lying in these simple versions are being modified because of the modern trend in finding the cause in form of modern tests. Where as the actual pathogenesis of a disease can be easily diagnosed in the minds of patients whom we consider as either hyper actives or hypochondriacs.

It is therefore in these days the modern tests to analyze a disease must not be considered as a proof to the diagnosis because they are varying and that is because of the technological errors. On the contrary the pathogenesis of a disease should be considered as a proof. It is because the process of testing a patient in the hospitals continues till deaths since these tests can only show the products of a disease not the cause.

It is also therefore the modern test which are labeling the nature of any disease cannot be true in the first place. It is also yet therefore we must know that we cannot find the actual cause of a disease until we must also know the actual pathogenesis of that. That is to say how the process of that disease has begun. Do you want to know further, in one word I would like to add that allopathy or allopathically treatment cannot treat any disease even 1% of that. Though it can manage through their symptomatic drugs to a disease. Disease can only be treated through a philosophical way if we can understand the anxiety, fear and the impact of the diagnosis of their disease etc. We may treat by perceiving the patient as a whole than to seeing his reports. It is because the extra intelligent people because of their anxiety and anticipated phobias do not respond to the simple treatment as compared to that lay person who does not ask anti question simply takes medicine and that works in him.

This is my experience, what u say my friends ???



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