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Viruses are our friends not enemy.

by Admin 5. March 2014 17:50


Trojan Horse Therapy beats Cancer in Mice, Times Trends of The Times of India has reported the above news that an experimental 'Trojan Horse would eliminate cancer since it had eliminated this in en experimental mice (TOI Dec 22, 2012). In fact what the scientist of UK researcher Pro. Claire Le-wis claiming I have already done not in an experimental mice but on myself 15 years ago. I have tested the HIV on myself just to know its proving to prove my theory. My theory is which I have presented in various conferences such as in the Asiatic League Conference held at Kathmandu in the year 1998, FISCUM Congress in Manila, Phillippines in the year 1999 soon after that I presented this in Sri Lanka in the Millennium Year and which was also in form of my book 'Homo-Immunization'. In that Congress on the Worlds AIDS DAY about 100 copies of this were distributed free of cost to the delegates.

My theory is that a virus can destroy tumour cells on the line of similia that 'Likes to be treated by likes'. Such as AIDS and Breast Cancer virus are also similar thus they can analog each other. It is therefore what UK scientists have proved they have actually proved my theory. First I presented this in USA at Seatle in the LIGA Congress in the year 1997. I was invited there as a speaker by the society of American homeopaths. My paper was on treating tumours of the liver.

Pro. Claire Le-wis is in fact is proving my theory in his experiment. Le-wis has injected certain virus , which he claims cancer destroying, in to a mice who was experimentally developed prostate cancer. My book has this theory not Torjan but Homo, I chose similar virus to fight rather give training to fighter cells (W.B.C.) that how to fight like a trojan rather than as Pro. Leo-wis did, he sent viruses through the WBC i.e. the defender cells. In the sense in his experiment viruses are fighting against the cancer cells while in my homo-immunization therapy is training the fighter cells to fight. If they can learn to fight with a breast cancer virus they can defeat the actual causative factor of AIDS.

In this context I have isolated a molecule of AIDS (Sg120) from a patient of AIDS who was a young lady and was a mother but whose child was aborted because she was positive to the so called HIV. To my surprise she remain positive to that but she never entered into the category of actual AIDS. Her husband was also tested and was found to positive to that as well. Surprisingly some times he used to become negative to HIV but over all his condition was deteriorating and made him into a full blown patient of AIDS. What happened when they were found positive to HIV they tried to level best from pillar to post to become HIV free but on the contrary they became finally the patient of AIDS. The story is long. The details are in my book 'Homo-Immunization' . 

My conclusion is I found more healthy status of my AIDS patients whose blood was having more no. of viruses which are being claimed as the cause of AIDS i.e. HIV. However I would like to say that please refer one more of my book 'Myths and Reality about AIDS' which has discussed the 6 different parameters to define the cure of AIDS which has been in fact defined by the Centre for the Disease Control of USA. In America with the discussion to share my views with Dr, Leanna Standish and Pro. Cherie Reeves of 
Bastyr University, Bothel, Washington (USA) my cases were proving the 5 parameters out of 6. The 6th was that cured will be only considered when the no. of so called virus (HIV) should also come down but in my cases it was increased. That was the reason they were in dilemma to accept my version or not. 

Now Pro. Claire's experiment on the mice, I can raise my collar up that viruses are our friends not enemy. This is what I am firm that 'AIDS is not a viral disease.' May be today my this version will be considered as a joke but I hope one day the world's medical fraternity is going to accept this. Killing a virus leading to more serious condition than that disease for which was treated.