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Why Multiple Bone Fractures?

by Admin 27. July 2018 11:59

Why cancer like pathological multiple fractures are being seen in diabetics particularly those who take oral hypoglycemic or anti-diabetic drugs. In bones a characteristic and well significant frequent points are seen in the bones of cancer patients and according to which grading and frequency of cancer are also being made through this special test 'The bone scanning'.


The technology of bone scanning was the need during 20th century while examining the body of mummies of Egyptian kings to consider the aging of them and in them none of these findings i.e. the cancer of bones were found and to which the scientific analysis has proved that at that time the cancer was not existing. However, why these commonly seen as significant points which are being seen in this era particularly who are diabetics and are on anti-diabetic therapy as diabetes itself is a cancer, a destructive disease with bundles of diseases. 


Is it because of this as I think the anti-diabetic drugs help like insulin by entering sugar inside the cells but if that sugar will not be metabolized or being used by the cells then these cells will die, and this way they may disturb the parenchyma of that organ whether kidneys, heart, the pancreas itself and or bones etc. God knows, but as a clinician with 50+ years of experience I feel to share with you all.


In this context, I would like to share a very interesting case. She was a gynecologist and was around 42years, a divorcee, was a diabetic and on oral hypoglycemic drugs since quite some years. She was getting fractures (crack like) some time one or sometime 2-3 at a time and almost on every day. Even sometime while examining her patient with vaginal-scope she used to get a fracture in her fingers. A vaginoscopy is like bread and butter for a gynecologist. According to her own statement she was having more than 365 healed fractures (crack like) in her body including fingers. She also used to get these fractures while driving her car if applying some little force. But, while describing all these conditions she was having a smile on her face as if those fractures were nothing for her. Medically she was diagnosed as some noma (tumor) in her pituitary gland and for which was suggested surgery. And, to which she was not mentally prepared and that was the reason she had come to homeopathy.


She was a happy go type of person, her marital life was also not happy and which was the reason of her divorce. While discussing all this I saw the mind of cancer in her mentals and the signs of Carcinosin personality on her bodily gestures. She was a committed lady for good causes, i.e. the love for humanity, was not very religious as well and was having a fear for the cancer. This fear was growing inside her brain but with no anxiety that the tumor of the pituitary gland is of cancer. A dose of Carcinosin in high potency cured her completely. Thereafter, she did not get any kind of fracture and kept on improving in every respect. Later on some clinical remedies were also prescribed to her.


Today, we consider some viruses which we know them as onco-genic viruses, which are causing cancers. And, we also know that cancers are many, not a single disease since apart from these viruses various kind of carcinogenic factors are do causing cancers. So, whether anti-hypoglycemic drugs i.e. some chemicals or the viruses whether of hepatitis or of nephritis or of AIDS or of breast and cervical cancers etc. are causing cancers? While the modern medical virology science is proving that a virus cannot enter inside the healthy cells. Now, a chemical can cause the destruction of a cell so is the tobacco, cigarette smoking, contraceptive devices and or some other carcinogenic factors. The modern virology science also says that a virus can only enter inside the cell when it is weak or is being injured. Now these viruses which are also known as mykes or molecules are fungus like these funguses when grow further which look like a cauliflower like appearances and to which we believe that, that is cancer in the first place. Certain viruses or mykes they do take the information to multiply from the host's DNA and these kind of molecules and viruses to which the modern virology defining them as the oncogenic viruses since they are so small virions like that they can enter inside the genomes because of their shape. 


An anti-hypoglycemic drug whatever may be if is causing damaging of the cell then such kind of viruses or molecules can attack them and then become a parasite of the cells and then get multiplied with the process as what I said above. So, defeat a cancer we as doctors should also know the philosophy of real medicine which has been defined almost around 3000 years ago by Aristotle. Later on Avicenna, with reference to him (Aristotle or in Arabic Arastu) defined in his book 'Al-Qanun' (The canon of Medicine). 


Now, green tea or any other sweet flavoring herb are anti-oxidants, means they prevent the epithelial cells which are the surface defenders. If they get injured or weak they get oxidized as a piece of iron do get weaken with the rust, or a dead piece of wood gets affects to some fungus or white ants. Anti-oxidants are the important medicines in Naturopathy or in the natural way of protecting the wounded cells because of their anti-oxidant properties. If one get flu due to any virus like swine flu or dengue flu or may be of bird flu the green tea can be the better remedy than the so called our modern medicines.