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Homeopathic prescriptions in acute conditions are like a sword with 2 blades, if rightly prescribed it will give the results then and there. Sometimes so fast as one is switching the lights on by pressing the button i.e. at times homeopathic remedies work within a fraction of seconds. But, if the selection of remedy is not right or partial it may not act at all or may give some palliation not cure or would pass it into sub-acute stage. Sub-acute stages of a disease are always more dangerous and complicated than the acute stage. It is because, in a sub-acute stage the vital force of a sick person will get confused then the disease keep on taking more different turns and may be causing more and more complications and where the doctors will label by naming different names to the disease.

Acute condition is like emergency and therefore would need a proper management of the case. But unfortunately here even the doctors sometimes get confused while laymen are laymen. In panic they would do anything whatever being suggested by others to save the patient and overcome from that situation. For example a burn case, most of the people believe that put that burnt part under the water immediately but that is wrong. Due to this more complications may be arising one after the other. To understand this see this case:

She was a young lady, carrying the hot water to the bathroom but incidentally slipped and that very hot boiled water got poured on her right leg. While she screamed with pains for the help from the family. After listening this, someone in the family splashed the cold water on that leg to make her relief from the pains. But when the pains did not got relieved someone from the family applied ice, which also did not help. By doing so, blisters due to burnt skins came up and some of them got peeled from the surface leaving the patches of ulcer. Now, the family doctor was called in emergency who gave some antiseptic injections, pain killers and antibiotics etc along with a topical ointment which was Silver-X.

In spite of all these measures, which were timely applied but did not helped in any extent and they left the skin in more naked by peeling of the remaining parts of the burnt skin along with the infection which was settled in the subcutaneous tissues giving rise to the picture of cellulitis.

Cellulitis is a condition where connective tissues get affected and which led into subcutaneous oedema of that leg leading the patient in a very – very horrible stage. At this stage, someone suggested to apply the Unani medicine and which was Lukman-e-Hayaat oil which further developed into more dangerous stage of that burn. The burnt part started showing black decayed tissues looking as if the wound is taking the form of gangrene.

And this is the stage, after 2, 3 days, her sister came to seek the help from homeopathy by bringing the photographs of the patient which were in sequence. Now what to do? In acute condition such kind of scald or burns would need Cantheris but here? Here the wound was already taking the different shape. Some of the homeopaths believe that once the blisters get ruptured Cantheris doesn't work. Here, this case was already entered into sub-acute stage of the burns. She was getting horrible pains, very severe type, was very restless and wild because of the pains which was also because of the Cellulitis and irritation of those sensitive nerves. Now, whether the remedy was Arsenic? But the pains were not relieving by applying hot or warm bathing of the wounds. On the contrary the ice cold water was helping in relieving her pains. By considering all these points and seeing the nature of the wound I suggested Hypericum and Calendula in mother tincture for cleansing the wound and dressing with Calendula gel along with Ledum orally in potentised form which stabilized the case to some extent. But the burning pains were still troubling her though was comfortable but was not got relieved. Now she started walking but with pains and burnings. Letting her leg down she was getting more discomfort and while lying she used to keep her leg up to get some relief. Whether now the pathology was deep vein thrombosis and which was because of the application of ice?

So dear friends, for a homeopath it is very difficult to manage such cases on one hand some of the family were asking to discard homeopathy and suggesting to hospitalize the patient but one of her sister was insisting for homeopathy and that was she who was sending her photographs one after another. Sometimes it looked as if the case is turning towards gangrene. And, for me every replica watches paypal time my prescription was first that too as per the totality of the symptoms. Surprisingly, I have not seen her personally. The prescriptions were only by seen her photographs. Finally, few doses of Cantheris in lower dilution I suggested for relieving the pains and burnings followed by Vipera in 200 potency single dose. And, that brought the patient towards healing nicely and beautifully. She did not needed any skin graft not hospitalization.

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