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How and Why the BCG Scar is Formed

by Admin 25. July 2018 14:09


How the BCG scar is formed, that every doctor including health workers and vaccinators must be knowing. In our body one important cell is there which is known as phagocytes. Phago means to eat, so they eat all the debris i.e. the dead cells and antigens, the germs and viral particles, etc. then bring them on the surface in form of puss and throw them out from within the body from that particular point from where they have been entered inside the body. This is how they protect the body like a security guard. 


How the BCG scar is formed and a formed scar only indicates that the child is now protected against TB. As we inject a drop of that BCG vaccine which contain the germs of TB in their attenuated form, means with low virulence or in non pathogenic form, means would not cause a disease. Now here is the defense, whether in pathogenic form or non-pathogenic, it reacts to that since they are not the self but non-self. The system of defense or immunity of the body takes a note to this when phagocytes (the security guards) find this then system sends there the helper cells. These helper cells are also known as the cluster forming cells. Since TB germs don't move, therefore these cells which are the first ranking defense soldiers encircle them by forming a cluster so that the TB germs should not enter inside the system in the very first place. Now phagocytes come and engulf them including the debris material which was the result of the fight of defence and in this process a hollow kind of space being produced there which when healed, like a healed wound, gives an impression of scar. And this is how the immune system of the body develops understanding and immunity, protection as well, that is how to fight with TB. Such children in which this process was carried out are immuno-competent. They develop the understanding to fight with TB. 


This is how scar is formed after a fight between self and non-self. B-cells i.e. the bone marrow cells which take part in encountering the TB germs passes this information to the memory cells. And, this is how the child's immune system learns how to fight with TB germs and TB like affections. 


This is what should be a purpose of vaccination to a child to get protected against TB. But, if the child is weaker enough or if being born as prematurely then its immune system would not be agile enough to fight. Such kind of children would show a white spot at the site of BCG injection and would suffer lifelong with the TB like affections. One may call such children affected to BCG, not protected and such kind of a child is immuno-suppressed or immuno-incompetent. 


However, there is one more type and which is immuno-compromized, such a child either may not have the genetic information about the TB germs because of its mother may not be having this knowledge in her genes since she was not having an innate immunity. Most of such mothers of 20th century were born perhaps during the last decade and have not passed the genetic information to their off-springs, since they have been protected to TB for a short while through the BCG. In the sense, an acquired knowledge of protection through a vaccine is not life-long. 


So, my dear friends how to protect such children? Here this Nosode-I (Maul Halib) and Nosode-II (Maul Dum) can be helpful. Maul Halib is from the milk of a lady who defeated breast cancer. While, Maul Dum is from the blood of lady who fought with AIDS viruses and did not die, still healthy. Nosode-I is having positive energy while Nosode-II is negative. My theory is when positive energy is weakening, positive makes it more positive again but for negative, another negative energy makes it positive again as two minuses make one positive. This is how I have treated variety of mysterious conditions with which such children were suffering and came to me as last hope. I will explain with examples in my next post.