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Super Bug is just a medical terminology to create panic amongst medical tourists who come to India since India has variety of Alternative therapies particularly Ayurveda and Nature cure both are economically suiting to a common man. Obviously with no side effects. 

Super bugs are as simple as are other simple germs which cannot cause any disease, rather are just opportunistic. These germs can only enter inside a body which has a tormented immune system causing due to over drugging of allopathic medicines. In India Homeopathy in a natural way (Homo-punchkarma) can treat any such condition. 

Here are examples, both had soft tissue tumours which were reoccurring again and again in spite of surgeries and antibiotic treatments. They were loosing weights, their defenders cells of mmune system were out of range like an Aids patient but they had no HIV or a TB germ. 

Homo-punchkarma converted them into granulomatous masses which finally eaten up by super bugs leading to healed them. Their culture reports showed lots of super bugs but no TB or HIV. In theses cases no antibiotic was used either.



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