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Silver baby syndrome

by Admin 5. March 2014 18:18


Silver baby is a Griscelli's syndrome, a rare immune deficiency disease which has no known conventional cure. The research on this mysterious disease by me was published in one International Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine' from UK in the year 1999 as over story (India's Silver Baby, Vol 17, No. 9). This is a very mysterious disease links with genes, though very rare but has a wide canvas to explain more or less every disease known to mankind. As the pigments melanin are the basic tool of he nature to define different colours and creed in human. These pigments may also be defining the various diseases which come in the category of 3 main group of diseases such as, acute, sub-acute and chronic. 

The actual Greek medicines, the old allopathy or the Unani system is defining this, Damvi, Balghami and Saudavi. Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy had defined the same as Psora, Syphilis and Sycosis. Now, modern science in the lights of modern technology is defining in terms of diseases like Chediak Highashi Syndrome, as Thalsaemiac Syndrome and as AIDS as well. In the year october 1978, the American Journal of Medicine has reported the findings of a French physician Dr, Griscelli, who has treated some of such patients in France. According to him the disease is incurable. However, what I found is not incurable it is properly understood. As per it's pathological description, it has 3 main features which have mentioned above. Such conditions can also be caused by HIV which is considered which can temper genes and would give rise all various kind of diseases known to human.  I would like to discuss and share that if such conditions which are producing by HIV can also be causing by without HIV as it is in this syndrome which is known as the Silver Baby Syndrome, synonym for this Griscelli disease. As in the logic it is a common saying 'one white crow is sufficient to disprove the believe that crows are black.'

How and why these pigments (melanin) alone if causing the variety of diseases whether are linked to genetics or infections or even metabolic disorders etc etc then why HIV should be considered the sole cause of AIDS. In fact this silver baby syndrome is an example of AIDS minus HIV.





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