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Now, a new disease is in the news.....TOTAL DRUG RESISTANT TB......the new terminology for resistant & obstinate TBs, which are not responding to our conventional drugs known to be the remedy for TB. TB is of various kind but why such a type has become common in India which is drug resistant means incurable. May be this type of TB would have been also might be seeing in Pakistan too!!! Is it because of the failure in so called inoculations (vaccination) against TB or is it due to because of the inoculation itself?!! 


As 100% inoculation against TB has not given the desired effect or is it because of the generation of this century which perhaps do not have the memory in their genes that how to fight with the pathogen of our real enemy the TB. As majority of the children do not show the scar of BCG mark though timely vaccinated which means what? Is it the vaccine which is not effective or that child who does not know its real enemy? BCG is a immuvac containing various kind of pathogens of TB in attenuated form. So the child could develop the understanding to know how to fight with its real enemy and after fighting with them develop resistant. But the real understanding of fighting can only come through the genes which inherit from the parents. Unfortunately the parents of this century have acquired the understanding of this through the immunizations & vaccines which they have received in the 20th century. 

It is a well known fact an immunity acquired through a vaccine is not a long lasting. Thus they are lacking the information in themselves then how they can transmit it to their offsprings and that is the main reason most of the children of the 20st century do not have the scar of BCG, the mark which indicates the vaccination is taken properly and as served its purpose. The other factor is the wormicides which have been propagated world wise widely in the 20th century. Even today, most of the practitioners prescribe them. 

Though it has been proved that the worms are actually helping in clearing the waste of the body and not the food rather in this way they are helping to minimize allergens by eating them. The modern science has proved that in fact the worms are helping in building the type 2 resistance in fighting against TB. same is with typhoid and malaria and also the tonsillar affections which are helping in building the resistance of type 1 which is requiring in fighting against TB. So an ill treatment of such conditions through our so called conventional medicine is the real culprit, if not then why malaria or typhoid even tonsillar affections are coming again & again or getting reactivated and then quite often also become resistant where no known remedy for the typhoid or malaria shows effectiveness. 

It is also therefore the present definition of malaria & typhoid has made them malignant once, where no medicine works. Many times this situation is arising during the period of health crisis or the disease crisis. Which means as malnutrition and mal-environment are causing mal-health or the health crisis. In the same way ill or wrong treatment is main cause of the disease crisis where a simple disease become a resistant or malignant. Which also means that a total drug resistant TB is malignant TB and not the total drug resistant TB as propagated by W.H.O. 

However the fact is there is a return of a white plague i.e. TB. 'The return of White Plague is a book 'published in 20th century says 'The history of TB is the story of failure of mankind.' In this context the most funniest part of the story is that in experimental animals when the germs of TB were injected none of them developed TB same is with HIV. Now it is your turn to speak whether the TB is causing by a TB germ or AIDS is causing because of the HIV??? But what I found I want to say TB IS CURABLE PROVIDED IT SHOULD BE TREATED IN A NATURAL WAY.

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