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Which Class gets cured faster ?

by Admin 5. March 2014 05:10


This is easy to treat a lay person and this is what has been told (in one of the Hadees) where the Prophet of Islam, Mohammed (May peace be upon him) has said what I found in my 50 yrs of clinical practice. This is easy to treat a person who lives in the village and having in his diet simple things not the luxury of foods, which is the fashion of Urban areas like the city of Mumbai or London.

Prophet has said that a simple person with his simple habits can be treated more easily than a person who may be having a complex life with his complex food habits and the vices. It is therefore what we find that a person with extra intelligential knowledge do not become all right with a simple treatment. Why?? What I think it is because of his negative attitude towards double negative thinking, that what he thinks is the right. This is what the situation which may be arising so many questions where a sensible doctor would also feel embarrassing. The medical treatment is not lying in the drugs alone it is in the patients themselves. But unfortunately the basic pathology of such therapeutics or treatment which is lying in these simple versions are being modified because of the modern trend in finding the cause in form of modern tests. Where as the actual pathogenesis of a disease can be easily diagnosed in the minds of patients whom we consider as either hyper actives or hypochondriacs.

It is therefore in these days the modern tests to analyze a disease must not be considered as a proof to the diagnosis because they are varying and that is because of the technological errors. On the contrary the pathogenesis of a disease should be considered as a proof. It is because the process of testing a patient in the hospitals continues till deaths since these tests can only show the products of a disease not the cause.

It is also therefore the modern test which are labeling the nature of any disease cannot be true in the first place. It is also yet therefore we must know that we cannot find the actual cause of a disease until we must also know the actual pathogenesis of that. That is to say how the process of that disease has begun. Do you want to know further, in one word I would like to add that allopathy or allopathically treatment cannot treat any disease even 1% of that. Though it can manage through their symptomatic drugs to a disease. Disease can only be treated through a philosophical way if we can understand the anxiety, fear and the impact of the diagnosis of their disease etc. We may treat by perceiving the patient as a whole than to seeing his reports. It is because the extra intelligent people because of their anxiety and anticipated phobias do not respond to the simple treatment as compared to that lay person who does not ask anti question simply takes medicine and that works in him.

This is my experience, what u say my friends ???




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