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Can a Dyslexic Child Make its Mother Cruel?

by vishal 11. September 2017 02:07

Dyslexia is inability to learn certain things in spite of being taught again and again, at times which will become so irritable for a person who is trying to teach that child.

Just recently a video gone viral so much so that it created a debate on various tv channels that 'should a mother be punished which is teaching her son with beating repeatedly?'. There were some experts whose opinion was that it's a cruelty towards the child. Some may named this as a sadist behavior of a mother. After watching that video it looks as if this mother is not a sadist but it's a natural reaction, a kind of irritability since what she is teaching again and again, the child is forgetting that particular word again and again as if having the sense to repeat that word in a full force but doesn't retain that particular word in his memory. And, this child who may be 3 or 4 years with good looking features, emotions, enthusiasm and with pathetic expressions, looks intelligent, and also gets irritated on himself for not retaining that particular word in his memory so says “Maloom Nahi, aur Kuchh bhi nahi” (Something-something or Something not).

This video has reminded me one of such case who was also around the same age as above said child who used to forget one particular alphabet of urdu and which was 'Jeem' (which stand for 'J'). After repeated punishments he was not able to remember that so his nursery teachers called the parents and turn him out from the school with a suggestion that appoint some teacher privately and teach the boy at your home. In this way, some 2-3 teachers were also being appointed and who also could not teach him and went away with the excuses that “Ye humare bas ka nahi hai”.

By the way, the actual problem was this that the child was recollecting some 4-5 initial alphabets and could also memorize them but when used to come on this particular alphabet 'Jeem' was forgetting in spite of again and again teaching with punishment also. He was not recollecting that particular alphabet though could spell it correctly. 

Lastly, one moulvi was appointed, moulvi is a teacher who teaches basic alphabets of Arabic and religious lessons. This moulvi though was known as a tough teacher, was finding it difficult in teaching him so finally it was decided that the child should be shown to some doctor also and this is how I had been consulted.

The grandmother of the child told me that the moulvi who teaches speaks syllable and the child pronounces them well even that sometimes more loudly than the voice of the moulvi and at times which looks as if the house of us gets vibrating. This was the clue to me to diagnose his remedy. A single dose of that particular remedy unfolded the mystery of that locked gene which was making this child's inability to learn that particular alphabet or a word. Now you guess the remedy.

To see the video of the dyslexic child which inspired me to share this post go through this link:


For more details on Dyslexia read my an old article posted of 13 Feb 2015 going through this link :


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