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Homeopathic Can Treat Cancer - Part 1

by vishal 1. November 2017 07:10


Biopsy is more dangerous than Tobacco.


In infective tumours the pathogens travel through lymphatic and neurogenic pathways.

Homeopathy is a science not placebo. Study in some cases of  AIDS, TB and Cancer. Research conducted by an Allopath who is Director of Aarish Academy.



Khurshid Ahmed, 37 year old male, from Jabalpur, MP (Madhya Pradesh). Four years ago, in the year 2014 was suffering from recurrent mouth ulcers inside his left cheek, on its superficial surface. After its initial biopsy histo-pathologically which was diagnosed as Differentiated Keratinizing Squamous Carcinoma with history of lesions over left buccal mucosa. This test was carried out on November 6th, 2014 at the department of pathology Prince Ali Khan Hospital of Mumbai. Soon after on the basis of early detection and early surgery the operation was performed there by Dr. Sultan Pradhan. The nature of operation was radical excision of the whole cheek with transplant graft. After which as prophylaction radiation and chemo therapy were also performed at the same hospital. But in spite of all these precautions the relapse of the same lesion on the same place i.e. on the grafted cheek was occurred. So the patient had come to the same Doctor on follow up. Now the second surgery was performed by the same doctor on 29th November 2014 in which some part of mandible bone was also excised and which was sent to pathology department then followed by radiation and chemo.


As per the second pathology report, signed by Dr. R.M., the details of which were as follows: Specimen received on 29.11.2014, report signed on 05.12.2014 by Dr. R.M. revealing; Specimen, (i) left angle of mouth full thickness cheek excision, (ii) Marginal mandibalectomy, (iii) left MND Grass features were, external skin showed a nodular bulge, mucosa showed an irregular proliferated grey white tumour which was measuring 3x2 cms. in size. Distance of tumour from various resections margins like upper lip cut, lower lip cut, superior cut, inferior cut and posterior cut were showing different measures. Ultimate inference was all the cut margins were free of tumour but the left angle of mouth and cheek were having moderately differentiated Squamous cell carcinoma of invasive type.


So now the cancer specialist Dr. Pradhan decided another course of chemo and radiation therapies. But after few shots of radiation and chemo the patient had become more sick and weak, therefore course was stopped by them since the patient was not fit for that. And, at this stage he had decided to take homeopathic treatment and came to us at the Mafkhar Clinic on 10th April 2015. His condition was very-very deteriorated. He was having terrible pains and which were travelling to his left shoulder. On his cheek there was a hole and which was after the excision of that nodule which was of residual growth of that invasive lesion which was extending to outer skin of the cheek. While eating some part of the food and drink were leaking out from there. He was also unable to speak clearly. He was worried for his pains and which were not relieving by any pain killers which his cancer specialists were recommended to him. The other symptoms were that during pains he was getting salivation. His other complaints were vertigo on rising from the seat but headache and weakness were very-very marked along with low grade fever with respiratory symptoms as if had contracted T.B., his voice was nasal, drinking cold water was hurting him. The residual nodule of the cheek which was growing fast was melted during radiation by leaving a hole. Later this hole was stitched by Dr. Pradhan as palliative measure. Therefore that area was also paining, neck was stiffed. Past history was nothing particular except chewing tobacco. His father died of cancer of the similar nature. Siblings were 8, he was the youngest. He used to cover his face to hide by a muffler which he used to wear on his shoulders.


The detailed history of the patient in his own word which he told us in writing on his follow ups in his paper (Ref. 740/2015/Bom) that initially 14 months ago some ulcers were used to occur inside his left cheek because of them he used to get some difficulty while eating. Until that time he was using tobacco because of his habit, was treated in Jabalpur then came to Mumbai consulted Dr. Sultan Pradhan. By this time some nodular growth was already developed inside his cheek on left side. After biopsy which was revealed as cancer for which Dr. Pradhan gave one month time for the planned surgery. Now, by second surgery the nodule was excised but the pains were still persist in spite of the surgery and were extended to neck left side. His father was also having the same kind of cancer in his mouth and was died 30 years ago.


He said after first surgery he had 33 shots of radiation from November 2014 to December 2014 before coming to us. During second surgery the surgeon had removed the residual nodule along with some pieces of muscle tissues of the cheek from where the nodule was excised also leaving a hole and from there while eating some parts of food were leaking out while eating. Due to this he used to eat it in lying down position which was embarrassing him. Before coming to us the surgeon concerned has stitched that hole and which had made more discomfort to him and paining there. He had also lost his taste and was adding more salt for the taste of food. Since the taste of salt he was getting by adding it more. Salivation was three plus. The cut wound on his left corner of the mouth was fresh which Dr. Pradhan made it for testing by punched biopsy was still there and was fresh, not healing.


In our treatment, I prescribed homeopathic remedy Staphysagria-200, in 3 doses which was on 10.04.2015. After this remedy his pains which were become more and more intense after the second surgery, calmed down rather disappeared. He was also getting heaviness of the throat after the surgery which also became less now. During first visit we had not taken his photographs since his condition was not good. All these details which he revealed are during his second visit and the photographs of him which are attached here are from second follow up onwards.


My second prescription, on 05.10.2015, was Thuja 200, single dose as inter-current, Merc 30/few doses as per his clinical condition followed by Stannum Met-200, few doses based on his mentals and also Maul Dam alternate with Maul Halib to boost his cellular and humoral responses. His constitutional remedy was Phosphorus 30, in single dose only and which was given on 19.09.2016. Maul Dam was continued for few more days. Staphysagria and Stannum Met were repeated in 0/6 potency for his pains and mental state. He used to cover his face all the time by muffler which he used to wear on his shoulders. On further follow up Silicea 200/one dose was given on 03.07.2017 which had cleared all the toxins and morbid substances from within his body.


His last follow-up was on 09.10.2017 for which no medicine was advised. Only Maul Halib and Maul Dam were continued along with placebos. Since after that, his health has recouped completely. See him in photographs. (Maul Halib and Maul Dam are Nosode-1 and Nosode 2 of Cancer and AIDS molecules, which are now patented under Indian Pharmacopea, and which are the research work of mine.


There are few more cases of such type which I would like to share with you in my coming posts in this regard.




Most of the patients after biopsy or surgery do get pains of such types and usually which are drawing type either upwards, side-wards or downwards and which are always and because of the nerves which may get injured and get affected after biopsy or surgery and with some lymphotropic and neurotropic pathogens which do not sought i.e. syphilitic type and which may cause syphilitic lesions i.e. destructive type of pathology which some surgeons call them metastatic lesions. This man i.e. the patient being the youngest in his siblings who were eight in numbers, so was born with recessive genes. While repeated biopsies and operations he developed painful lesions. Though his original pathology which was due to tobacco chewing was painless i.e. defence of basic psora was prevailing by forming neoplastic lesion with over-lapping with cortical saliva. Such type of saliva are usually viscid and sticky type and which formed naturally by cementing lesions and which heals ulcers of the torn tissues of mouth and stomach, which may be because of tobacco chewing or smoking, this may also be helping genes to help in converting lesion into keratization. Such types of lesions are always neoplastic and which are as per the natural defence and as a disease which most of us believe. But which we as doctors considered them tumour and cystic lesions. And operated them which in turns either converting into sycotic mass or syphilitic pathology. And which do take metastasis lesions because of transmissions through nerves and lymph and lymphatic network to the distant organs from the place of situ of neoplastic lesions. Old Indian Physicians called this as “Intqaal-e-marz” which means metastasis i.e. the disease has been transmitted from one place to another. To me, metastasis most likely taking place because of such ignorance of ours since we consider neo-plastic lesions as it is a beginning of malignancy or cancer. Syphilitic miasm i.e. destructive condition come only when body's defence become inactive or weak.




This is the fact that today the physician's made disease i.e. because of orthodoxy are at large, medically which is known as Iatrogenesis. Need is a regular CME for young doctors, who know the type and pathology of every lesion but most of them may not be knowing the actual pathogenesis of such mysterious ailments and which are increasing every day in the society. More and more symptoms of psoric origin are being suppressed causing more and more mysterious diseases in syndrome form which are being emerging from our palliative measures. This young man was treated with antibiotic and pain killers ointment and anti pain topical creams which triggered the psoric initial defence by bringing fever and cellular responses so that the natural defence of his had been turned the psoric lesion into neo-plastic defence, and excision of the same palliated him into syphilitic one. Above all the chemo and radiation destroyed his neo-plastic defence also and left him into dying state. Thanks to homeopathy, Khurshid Ahmed is a healthy man now but who will believe? Whether our health agencies, WHO, will take a notice of this or our reputed Media; Medical Journals and doctors from whatever doctrines they may be belonging as well.  


Homeopathy is not a placebo or assumption it's an art and science which is already a research discovered by the great Hahnemann who was a real allopath, not of today's allopathy which has been made like a departmental store of thriving industry.


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