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Evidence based Clinical Research to prove that

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Biopsy is More Dangerous than Tobacco Chewing.

Abstract : 
In Infective tumors the pathogens travel through lymphatic and neurogenic pathways after biopsy and or after surgical excisions. While Fistula and sinus help in eliminating morbid substances from within the body, as long as the immunity of a person is strong and also help in building resistance against Cancer & TB.

Introduction : 
Homeopathy is a science not placebo as most of the people believe so. This clinical research study of mine of which one of the treated case of mouth cancer is already posted. Here is case 2 and which is as follows :

S.A. Khan, 79years old, was a patient of Squamus Cell Carcinoma of mouth and was already operated for the same twice. But, the recurrence of the same was occurred after 3 years so was supposed to be operated again. This time one more ghastly excision was decided to be taken by the cancer specialist though a part of mandibular bone along with some teeth were already extracted along with sub-mandibular glandular lesions, followed by radiation and chemo, but yet in spite of all these preventive and therapeutic measures his cancer was reoccurred again on the same cheek.

Histo-pathologically, which was carried out on 10th May 2014, the report of which (signed by Dr. Rajesh S. Mundhe, Prince Ali Khan Hospital), states, 'Invasive Moderately Differentiated Keratinizing Squamous Carcinoma extending up to the Muscle.' For which, the patient was suggested surgery 3rd time and again radiation and chemo. But, at this time the oncologist of Prince Ali Khan hospital, Mumbai given his opinion that 'No further Anti-Neoplastic treatment is possible as basic treatment has been already offered.

Now there is in addition to residual invasive tumour, a small fissure like lesion along the lower mandibular bone is also there and which is not responding to the Medical treatment. So when the allopaths raised their hands, the patient took some kind of other treatments from here and there. During this period he also consulted some other Homeopaths, some Unani hakeems and also took Ayurvedic treatments but nothing helped. With all this status he came to Mafkhar Clinic, where Dr. Mafkhar took the case and referred to me. The details of this case was, initially some years ago he had some dental problem for which his one tooth was extracted, latter was treated by an ENT surgeon then was treated by cancer specialists. Underwent surgery twice, radiation and chemo.

However, his complaints were : Difficulty in opening of mouth as if the jaw is locked. Swelling and inflammation on his left cheek and a fistula like sinus was appearing on his lower mandible region. This fistula was trying to opening between the left alveolar region and lower border of the mandible on the left side. Inside his cheek the residual tumour was growing with a very-very offensive smell along with the septic inflammation into the maxillary bone. And due to all this he was having terrible pains constantly on his maxillary and parotid lesions and no pain killers were helping and which was because the cancer cells were already entered into the bones of the mouth due to invasion from one territory to another. Though this type of cancers are very – very dangerous and incurable from all stand points but in my experience a homeopathic right prescription on the right time had calmed down his pains and inflammations. The residual tumour which was emerging was also got shrunk by eliminating cancer cells by turning into purulent discharge and which drained out from the fistula into the outer surface.

On follow up the fistulous opening closed from inner cavity and after few days, the external opening was also dried up after by eliminating cancerous morbid substances from within the body. The homeopathic prescriptions were, initially Conium in 200 potency, single dose, followed by Hekla Lava 6x, repeatedly 3 times daily along with Maul Dum 12 drops twice daily for 2 weeks. On follow up, the patient's 50% problems were over except pain which use to come while chewing food and which was extending downwards over his shoulder. During treatment I noticed the patient's temperament was irritable and hoty, Staphysagria 200, few doses were suggested, followed by Calcaria Carb and Silicia in 3x doses repeatedly.

Now the patient can open his mouth without any discomfort and also without cancerous lesion. The sinus after discharging morbid substance has been healed out completely. He is still on follow up and is improving without any recurrence of tumour and infection or pain. See him in the pictures.

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