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A Study to Check Immunity Level of a Child

by Admin 21. July 2018 15:20


Aarish Academy of Alternative Therapy and Research has conducted a study by seeing only BCG marks to assess and to know about the level of immunity of that particular child. It is because why some children do not have the scar of BCG vaccine which is being vaccinated to more or less in 100% of children, that too at the time of birth. The question was why some children do not have the scar of BCG vaccine, though in some of them it was noticed as in form of just a white spot or a scratch of white colour.


This study was carried out during the period of around 10years, after examining more than 1000 children (was just a speculation) and infants who were all vaccinated at the time of birth. In this study, it was seen that one third of them showed the real scar, more than one third were not having it at all, while remaining around one third having it in form of a white spot or a scratch like of white colour. In one of my well documented and controlled study (different from above said study) in which who were having some serious clinical conditions, which are common particularly in infants and children below the age of 2, were included for the study with the follow ups for around 2 years. The details of this study are given in my book 'Surgery without Knife'. In this study, 40% were not having any mark or scar of BCG, while in around 50% this hallmark was either doubtful whether is or not or was in form of a white spot or a scratch of white colour. Other around 10% were those who were having a significant scar of BCG vaccine in form of a clear cut scar.


There is a difference between the scar and the spot. Scar is having a scar like healed wound, like a palm tree which shows multiple scars of those branches which fall away from that tree. Scar is such a sign which never got fainted. And, a scar after the BCG vaccine that particular child is vaccinated successfully. While, white spot indicates that the child is not successfully taken up the protecting action against TB while no scar means he or she has not responded to that were of from a compromised group. Medically, these three categories can be defined under 3 heads, 1) Potent: which is showing the clear cut scar, 2) Inactive or the suppressed immunity or got affected to that vaccine for which was inoculated, and 3) Immuno-compromised means are compromising with the pathogens of that vaccine for which they were vaccinated. What we found that such children were at more risk since during any kind of acute illness subsequently will be getting with some or other complications. Because, during any acute crisis where the immune system of a child would be fighting against that particular cause to defend the self these attenuated or weak forms of the pathogens of that vaccine would get activated or get hibernated into a pathogenic form or get a hybrid pathogenic look to form another disease which creates a confused picture. Therefore, in spite of treatment they keep on developing complications from one to another. While those who have the white spots or a scratch at the site of BCG vaccination were of those who were suffering more or less always to TB like affections such as allergy, asthma and diarrhea or recurrent common cold like conditions.


In that controlled study, I found that the clinical conditions to which these children were suffering were Coma with Hydrocephalus, Myoclonic convulsions, Turret Cephaly, Brain cancer, Encephalomalacia, Multiple Non-enhancing areas in brain, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder with Dyslexia, White Matter Disease with convulsion, No Milestones, Paralytic ileus and Myoclonic seizures. In 40% of them who were not having any BCG mark initially but started showing during the course of treatment and got cured. 10% of them who were having well defined BCG mark were cured from what they were suffering from. 20% were those who were not having BCG mark and started appearing some mark but discontinued the treatment. Other 20% were those who also were not having any scar or mark got improved but took a long time to recover from what they were suffering from. 10% of them who were not having any scar or spot were died during the treatment. The inference is that which I said that the patient who has no mark, were in the high risk and the patient who died, was also in the same group. The remedy which helped in boosting the immune system of these children was Nosode-1, now which is Maul Halib. This remedy acted very well who were having the clear cut scar of BCG mark also acted in that group who were not having any scar or spot i.e. were from immuno-compromised group but did not do well who were already immuno-suppressed with having a white BCG spot or a scratch with the sufferings like TB or tubercular syndrome. Nosode - 2 i.e. Maul Dum helped to this group which were having TB or TB like syndromes.


The children who were not showing any scar or mark and were active but not with the understanding how to fight with the TB germs since TB was not there in their family while those who showed the big scar or marked BCG mark were having the history of TB in their family. These 2 groups with history of TB, Cancer and diabetes responded well to Maul Halib or Nosode-1.


There is one more possibility, some of these children may show hyperactive mark and which is beause of the history of TB in the family. In such cases the child may become hyper-active to fight against the enemy of the family because of the information which the child got through the genes. And, therefore may become exhausted after applying all forces against that particular disease which was there in the family. Here the remedy Tuberculinum would be the remedy for him or her in addition to Nosode - 1 i.e. Maul Halib.


Now I want to conclude that BCG inoculation is well enough at least which is showing the path in identifying and guiding to check the immunity level and helping in selection of about the remedy. 


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