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Why Calcium Deficiency in Adults?

by Admin 25. July 2018 14:32


Why calcium depletion inside the body that too particularly in the patient of diabetes who take modern anti-diabetic drugs? Calcium is an important substance which is needing to make the bones strong. It is therefore child needs the milk which is rich in calcium and which is helping in growing bones. Calcium is absorbed from the intestines but for this Vitamin D is required is because vitamin D helps in the process of absorption of the calcium from the intestine. It is also therefore, a growing child needs vitamin D. But, in an elderly lady if she is showing the deficiency of vitamin D does not mean that she is not getting from her food or a supplementary of calcium tablets to make her bones strong. The interesting point is that today even some young adults have also showing this kind of depletions of the calcium. What it all means? Are they not getting calcium from food? The answer is, there are so many nutrient foods including dairy products particularly the milks, which are rich in calcium. So if one starts drinking milk or started taking calcium tablets is going to form their bones stronger? The answer is 'No' again.


The depletion of calcium from the bones leading to a mysterious condition, if is seen in young individuals or in an elderly person. These pathological conditions are being now defined through the modern scanning technology of bones and to which modern doctors say this as Osteoporosis. Here the density of bones becomes less and less. The interesting part to this is that this kind of testing is getting popularity more and more particularly in the civilized population. But why such kind of osteoporosis that too in the civilized society is becoming more and more common throughout the world? 


In this context, one more significant striking feature is that it has been very commonly seen in those groups who are diabetic and are on the anti-diabetic drugs. And which was the reason also some very well known anti-diabetic drugs have been banned in America by the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration, USA). 


As per the standardization from the American pharmacopeia, the parameter of which is the normal value of sugar and other substances. As we know, how much sugar level, which will be considered as normal and when will be abnormal. Now, most of the diabetics which are being diagnosed during the medical tests and then declared as diabetic, since most of the diabetics do not show the characteristic symptomatology of diabetes which is excessive hunger and thirst plus frequency of urine that too with copious or much quantity of urine at a time. As per the natural explanation to this is that when sugar is not being digested by that particular individual, the nature helps in throwing through the urine and this is why that person needs more and more water to drink. This is typical diabetes. Now if such symptoms of diabetes are not there, this kind of diabetes considered as type-2 diabetes. And, this is a well known fact that this kind of diabetes has become very-very common and which is not because of that, that the patient goes to the doctors because of such kind of complaints. This is the routine medical check-up when they declare such kind of person as diabetic by seeing that increased sugar level (according to their parameters). The most funniest part to all this, is that when such patients who were not the patients but declared as patients because of their parameters and kept them on medication for life-long. And, these are those patients, most of whom now will be having osteoporosis because of low calcium. Their blood sugar will be under control but the bones will be at the risk to get a pathological fracture and this particularly condition is very – very common also in these days.


So my dear friends, what kind of this allopathy today is? Keeping one thing in order, disturbing the other? Is this the real allopathy of great Hippocrates, the father of the medicine of today, whose oath is being taken (by lip service only) which is still there in practice in all the medical colleges through-out the world? Above all, again the question is why osteoporosis is being caused and why the green tea has become a remedy to bring down of incidences of pancreatic cancers? And also why the American branded anti-oxidants are being prescribed to most of the people as preventive measures against cancer by our specialist doctors? One more question, why such kind of ailments found mostly in these people only who take these modern anti-hyperglycemic drugs for the hyper-glycemia needing to bring down the high sugar level in the blood whether of kidney, heart, liver and pancreatic ailments in addition to osteoporosis? For the answers and the rest, please wait for my next post.

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