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Aristotle's Philosophy has been forgotten completely

by Admin 10. August 2018 14:07


Can today's medical science define how the healing is taking place within the body since a modern medicine can do only a palliative work! Every doctor and or so called healer from whatever doctrine he or she may be belonging, whether knows this the very simple philosophy of the nature and of medicine? The medicine is an art not a thriving industry of today. Today most of the allopaths believe that the cure is lying in their drugs, while homeopaths are talking about of the vital force and vaids and hakims believe on the sangam i.e. combinations of multiple jadi-booti (ayurvedic medicines) and haboobs, haboobs are unani medicines. 


However, but what is the criteria of cure? Allopaths follow the rules of normal values of American parameter; high and low, normal and abnormal, positive and negative. While Homeopathy speaks it in terms of rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of the health is as cure. In the same way most of the vaids and hakims (traditionally trained Indian Physicians of Greek i.e. Unani system of medicine) will be often instruct to their patients about so much so restrictions that some time patients die because of the restrictions rather than due to that disease. The interesting point is many patient's believe so that they have been cured by so and so pathy or by so and so medicine, God knows. 


Above all, in this era the real challenge to all standpoints to treat are the irritating diseases, whether are of asthma or autism, auto immune diseases, TB (resistant Type), AIDS and or Cancer and are also various other which are mysterious. To manage or to give palliation to such through our so called drugs or technology could be easy but to treat them would be difficult in the first place. So what should a sensitive doctor should think to treat the illness in real sense, not report wise or palliative measures wise. When the fact is that most of the diseases of today are of because of iatrogenesis, means physicians made or because of the treatment made for that disease. 


Yes indeed, today's more or less more than fifty percent diseases are not natural, these are either of the so called because of medicine made or doctor made diseases. So my dear friends don't blame any pathy since every pathy has its own laws and principles. This is we who made it as mess. God bless us and our so called healers and the system, medicine is not a thriving industry, with our modern technology we can manage any case to some extent but cannot cure as long as our this stupid modern system is there which has proof on animal studies believing that the cure is lying in torturing these animals in the name of research. God bless them too. 


So my dear friends, with whatsoever doctrine of medicines we are belonging to, as we know Hippocrates is as the father of medicine. But why we call him as the father of medicine which is an art, not the science alone. Hippocrates father's name was Askalibutes and who was a religious person though was wanted to treat all but was not willing to share the knowledge of medicine with to all. This was the Hippocrates who started teaching medicine to all and henceforth has considered the father of medicine. Today we as doctors taking the oath on his name to treat humans without considering any caste or creed. 


Aristotle the famous philosopher was the contemporary of Hippocrates and but perhaps was more wiser than him. And which was the reason the state government of his era the Greek's Empire honored him as the Philosopher not as physician and this was how Hippocrates who was honored as physician with little low credit to a philosopher and has become the father of medicine of the past and of today as well. Healing is not to relieve symptom, its a cure in the sense that it should not come again. 


According to Aristotle philosophy the human body is or we as human is being made by the three components, mind, body and soul. Aristotle says soul comes from the infinity from the divine place and when it comes it gets familiar with all the parts of the body including mind and body but if it feels that the body, the home, in which we as psyche the self is living in that body is not complete enough then it goes away to that place from where it comes. This is how a child born dead. Dr. Kent when talks of the vital force he links it to that the source from that infinity and which heals. So ?! Next time. I may explain to you all, what Aristotle has said and what the Farabi with reference to Aristotle has explained. Farabi, Abu-Nasar-Farabi was his name. He was a well known philosopher in Arab, somewhere in the 9th century. 


How homeopathy can treat the mysterious diseases of today through its medicines which are considered as placebo. What is vital force of homeopathy and how it acts, Insha-Allah next time. 


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