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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Nosodes

by vishal 13. August 2020 12:40


About my nosodes, frequently asked questions to which I also replied with references but still they are being asked such as about Nosode 1 (Maul Halib) & Nosode 2 (Maul Dam). Nosode-1 is prepared from milk, in Arabic 'Halib' means Milk while Nosode-2 from blood, in Arabic 'Dam' is synonym to Blood. Now the questions which are being often asked are:-

Q.1: If it is registered under Unani Medicine then how we can call it nosode or homeopathic?

Interesting part is this that Nosode is a Latin word from the ancient Roman language. And Romans were the propagator of Greeks. Greece in Arabic is Unaan and Greek in Arabic is Unani. Arab physicians discovered Greek Medicines i.e. Unaani System from the books which were in ancient Roman language.

Dr. Hahnemann prepared nosode from the scales of scabies and potentized it which is 'Psorinum'. Dr. Bach prepared Bowel nosodes which are not in potentized form, are in dilutions. They are not homeopathic they are Isopathic. In the same way Dr. Koch prepared Tuberculin from the blood of a TB patient which is also in dilution form, in allopathy which is using as diagnostic purpose. Dr. Kent has prepared his Tuberculinum from the TB gland of a cow who was having TB of breast, mastitis. However, in short, if one using nosode in dilution form it will be like allopathy or isopathy and if in potentized form it will become homeopathy. In fact a potentized form which make that thing or substance into dynamic form which will become similar to that and in certain potency equal and opposite like sun rays hot, moon rays cold, where substance is same the rays from sun originating, from moon reflecting.

My nosodes I and II as I said have been prepared from milk and blood of from two young ladies whom I treated one was of Breast Cancer another was of AIDS, interestingly and which were prepared one for her son who was dyslexic and other for her husband who was about to die due to AIDS. The details are in the book Homo-Immunization. One Unani medicine Maul-Leham is from the essence of the flesh of migrating Wild Birds. Ancient Hakims used this for allergy and asthmatic conditions plus for building strength. Modern medicine recognizing these Birds as which bring the Oncogenic virus through them in terms of positive and negative energy.

Breast cancers are being caused either by some carcinogenic factors or by oncogenic viruses. These oncogenic viruses come as along with these wild birds as per seasons, either before winter or after from both the ends of the globe, North and South. And as per the poles of the earth they carry positive or negative energy. They are RNA viruses having positive and negative electrodes and as per their positive and negative energies may cause positive or negative pathologies like tumours or cancer and gangrene. This way the selection of the nosode can be decided through the mind of a person. As if a glass if is half filled some think it half empty and on the contrary some other will say it as half filled. I have also made different nosodes too like BCG-num from BCG vaccine and OPV num from Oral Polio drops, etc.

Q.2: Why not these medicine registered under Homeopathy?

Yes why not but! Earlier most of the doctors particularly from allopathy were using some nosodes as per drug to a disease, like Thuja for warts and Carcinosin for cancer. Both are nosodes and both have their drug pictures as well in their portrait form. Homeopathy doesn't propagate, like allopathy, drug to a disease though it helps some time. Some doctors prepared nosodes from different corticosteroid, Corticosteroids Nosode for antidoting the side effects of the steroids. So therefore some other doctors viral this news that homeopaths are using corticosteroids. It is therefore what to say and what not. Earlier doctors and hakims and also veds were preparing their own medicines which as per experience are for all, allopathy, ayurveda, unani, homeopathy, etc. But now the Govt. rule is to register them and seal them, that too as per drug to a disease pattern. Company has to provide the approval reports from the provers on the trial basis like randomize trial blind trial double blind trial, etc. to get patency. This is an American way of pharmacopea which has given up the tradition of generic name as per American Pharmacopea. Earlier in British Pharmacopea the experience of a Doctor, bed side, was considering and which use to publish in journals while today important are the trials and reports. The protocol for Homeopathy is also same, for Unani and Ayurveda, Siddha as well. My Maul Halib and Maul Dam are in Arque or Essence form, you can say in form of mother tincture but they do not contain alcohol or tincture and therefore I applied to Unani system and got the patency by giving the explaination and references from the various authentic books of Unani.

Q-03 : Is it legal to prescribe these Unani medicines by a Homeopath?

Yes, why not when the company is not mentioning that only prescribed by a qualified Unani physician.

Q.4: Difference between Nosode-1 and Maul Halib, between Nosode-2 and Maul Dam?

Answer: Nosode-1 and Maul Halib are same, in the same way Nosode-2 and Maul Dam are same. Difference is that Nosode-1 and Nosode-2 are in my diary as generic name while Maul Halib and Maul Dam are Patent names and which are being registered on my name under the Unani System of Medicine which is the old or the actual Allopathy. The pioneer and propagator of this science are the great Gurus Galen (Jalinuse) and Avicena (Abisina). Nosode-1is Carcinosin and Nosode-2 is Virionum, in Maul Halib and Maul Dam these are in their essential (Arque) form not in the potentized form. In the same way I have prepared various other nosodes which are in my diary as per in order of numbers, such as; Nosode three is BCG-num prepared from BCG vaccine, Nosode four is Leprosinum prepared from the blood of leprosy patient. List is long, details are in my book 'Surgery without knife'.

The answer for that is it legal to prescribe? These are the pharmaceutical companies which mention that only registered medical practitioners can prescribe which means only a registered medical practitioner who is being registered under allopathic system can only prescribe those medicines i.e. of allopathy. So, but homeopathic, ayurvedic or unani pharmacies they never claim or write that only the homeopaths or ayurveds should be entitled to prescribe so this is the problem to allopaths, most of blame to cross practice that because of this the problem of allopathic drugs are. And to some extent which is right also since allopathic drugs are toxic not homeopathy or unani or ayurveda.

However, if a doctor or physician with whatever pathy belonging to may understand the pharmacopic way of understanding about any medicine and will understand with his or her own study in the first place.

Q.5: Difference between Maul Halib and Carcinosin, between Maul Dam and Virionum?

Answer: Maul Halib is a patent name of a remedy which has the essence of the molecule of Cancer along with those pathogens which are oncogenic in origin and causing cancer particularly of the Breast. Dr. Donald Foubister who was an allopath paediatrician from England had proved this by giving the drug picture of what Dr. James Compton Burnett was trying to explain to the medical fraternity about Cancer. He was the first who developed the first nosode from the Cancer Cells. Dr. Foubister had proved this in two boys who were having very much resemblance as if were twins though they were from the two different mothers who had Breast Cancer and have fed them.

Unani physicians have described about Cancer to which they call it 'Sartan' by giving the example of one wild migrating bird how it helps in treating its off springs if get a disease of malignant or cancer like. In short if birds have that sense for treating why not we? Medicine is a difficult subject to understand it, one must know the basic not only relying on research or researches like trials.

Maul Dam, which has been prepared from the blood of one such lady as Maul Halib is having the essence of cancer virus, both were cured and healthy. The provings of Maul Dam which are in my book 'Homo-Immunization' in details. Incidental provings, conventional proving and the clinical provings. How this can treat the cancer and how can be proving in building the immunity in fighting cancer has been explained about this with examples and cases in that book. One can learn or develop immunity after getting exposed to that only and which is a law. About which most of our allopaths may not be having that sense to understand it.

Virionum is the potentized form of that Maul Dam from that patient who had defeated AIDS. The details of this is also listed in my book 'Homo-Immunization and AIDS Vs Cancer, a poison for poison to boost immunity'. The proving of this has been also published in some reputed journals of homeopathy like, Link, NJH, etc.

In potentized form Virionum i.e. the Nosode of HIV or AIDS helps to minimize the anxiety of those who are panic and testing themselves whether are affected to HIV. Nosode-2, the molecule helps those who already had AIDS or Cancer. This is the difference between Virionum and Maul Dam or Nosode-2. Maul Dam helps in building the resistance to fight Cancer while Virionum in potentized form of that helps in relieving the phobia of getting AIDS or if is already affecting to that. Such types of people keep on testing themselves and also keep on changing doctors from one to another. Their anxiety is always very marked Virionum is for those young who have fright and phobia of whether are having AIDS and Carcinosinum have the fear and phobia of Cancer very high grade but they don't have anxiety.

 Q.6: Are there similar medicines to Maul Halib and Maul Dam in Homeopathy?

Ans: As I said Halib means Milk and Dam is Blood. Breast Cancer is a disease of elderly ladies and which was earlier common. Now a day it is more common in young girls. Milking mothers many times got hurt and or get infection and inflammation while feeding. This nosode-1, which is potentized as Maul Halib is that which was collected from that mother who was very stressful while feeding her child and this child who was third was very hyperactive and was having the symptoms of exactly of those about which Dr. Foubister had described in his provings of Carcinosin. So you can say my this nosode one is very much close to Foubister nosode. Nosodes of Carcinosin which are available in the market are perhaps from Cancer Cells which are of Burnett type. Same logic is here as the difference between Robert Koch's Tuberculinum, James Tyler Kent's Tuberculinum and of Burnett's TB Bacillinum.  Differences are listed in the books of Homeopathy.

Now, what of about Virionum or Nosode 2, Maul Dam. This nosode has prepared from the blood of one such who was first treated, was having full blown AIDS. In Europe and in Bangladesh some homeopaths have prepared AIDS-200 (from AIDS Virus) from the blood of AIDS patients. While mine this from that who was healthy, who had been cured her AIDS from her own immunity through the help of homeopathy. I found Maul Dam is helping in boosting the immunity in elderly age group of patients while Maul Halib in building the immunity in children to fight against cancer and AIDS like viruses.

Q.7: What are the Guiding Symptoms to use Maul Halib and Maul Dam?

Ans: Maul Halib for those who get recurrent cough and cold like affections are hyperactive and intelligent children while Maul Dam helps in building the immunity to fight against cancer in elderly or old people who have cancer of any kind such patients are very fearful and anxious type.

Q.8: Are there any chance to prescribe Maul Halib and Maul Dam both, one after the other?

Ans: Both are complimentary to each other and are antidoting to each other. They can use alternatively also. Such as sometimes a fearless and anxious free patient who was having cancer or suspected. He or she had felt better after Maul Halib but then now had become very anxious and with fearful anxiety. Here thus, she or he will be now needing Maul Dam.

Q.9: How to decide it's dosing and Repetitions?

Ans: Here their actions are like giving training to the immune system of a child or adult. And which i.e. the training period needs about 3 months like an NCC training. Doses are few drops from 5 to 6 to 14 to 16 as per age daily from a week then a week gap, then again start. If child gets fever then stops, fever will go automatically. While in elderly age group particularly who are having cancer if are getting fever indicating positive outcome as fever shows the good prognostic results in a cancer patient.

Above all they do not have any side effects, both are very safe. Their indications are as complimentary and as preventive. They are in attenuated form not in cheap replica watches pathogenic so are 100 percent safe like safe and healthy food. One helps in building resistance in a child and young, other in elderly and old also in cancer and AIDS patients.  

Q-10 : Are there any side effects of these medicines?

These medicines don't have any side effects. Some time fever may come and which will go by itself. In fact, this indicates that medicine is helping immunity to overcome by bringing fever. After building immunity fever goes away by itself.

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